Saturday , September 18 2021

UNICEF launches UNICEF missions in Kenya

The one who has the opportunity. Attending the Blue Carpet Show for UNICEF in Kenya for the latest pop singer at the press conference shared the press conference in The Blue Carpet Show for UNICEF Young Peak's experience of the mission in Kenya. Ready for episodes sick That said, better. Although earlier in the hospital often becomes home. The doctor recommended to work out. After weight gain due to eating overweight obesity.

What is the mission of UNICEF in Kenya?

"Really prepare for walking around. It's like this, it's so dry, but it's so hard to find. In fact, in the development of public health, he's also very bad. Compared to our other developed countries, our country just developed what is essentially a vaccine, the result is that children are sick of many diseases, for example the most popular disease is malnutrition. What is the 1st because he does not have food. I eat two meals a day, eat two meals, but mostly eating a single meal, he is a malnourished disease, malnutrition, it's more terrible to think. There were over 1 million children and I went to the ghetto. Let me use the word ghetto. The biggest slum in Kenya is the kibbar, whose habit is drowning. Quality of life is not good. Dirty with stink I have taken pictures of them to the Thai people. And all over the world have seen. His daily lives how to live. "

How comes back to our body?

Thailand has not changed the time zone. It is also puzzled and a week to fly to Kenya, which makes us even more puzzled. If I see in the clip, I see that I'm tired and tired I do not sleep and wake up in the morning. I feel honored and happy to feel happy and proud to be part of UNICEF. Traveling to it is not easy. But everything is perfect. I want to wait from the movies I filmed . "

See our fan club donate this time too?

"Yes, on the day of departure. Fans will welcome and encourage." Going to the mission Me and my girlfriend donated money from the sale of Photobook donated to UNICEF 500,000 baht to support and support UNICEF's projects. And under my duty. I have fans to Help to raise money. With Donate to UNICEF The amount of 1 million parts of joy. To children around the world. "

Ask about our illness. To see that it was ill after returning from Kenya?

"There is no comfort, it's a common thing, because it works very hard, and so we go in a rather difficult place, and do not eat the food we usually eat. Because the food is quite rare we have to eat quite safely. And eat easily, We have to eat sandwiches every day, but vegetables, good food is not, and another is to eat quickly. Because we want to spend every minute, it's worth it. We fly to help you not eat anything good. with sandwiches, and with hot air, plus the dam, then it's raining, and then there are bacteria. Back to the sick Adidas, who travels. I have 3 vaccines and came back to the fact that I have no disease. will take him to the disease (laughs). We have protection and no disease back. Come back, it's just a bit of fatigue. Now it's better. "

Is the nurse often?

"Come in, let's go home for the second time." (Laughing) The nurses are familiar with us. The hospital is like my second home. Housewife greeted me when I met. Like it was a room that was like my room. care for us as a family. Thanks for the nurse, for it will be known all the time. "

What is the frequency of our hospital visits?

"Sometimes, twice a month, we enter a world where we are not comfortable. Then look at vitamin supplements.

Do you want to take care of yourself to be strong enough?

"I want to do that too," he says. It's really we work very hard to get started. Find an excuse for yourself. I do not have time to run to work out, but this time I felt it was getting fat, then the doctor told me to be careful about being fat. Because cholesterol and sugar are up. Because we eat well, you say that the doctor immediately rushed to exercise because it is too fat and then asking when to train tomorrow will try to run. Before that we. To Tour In America I wake up every morning to run. I do not know if it's called wake up or not. There will be a generation that is invited to run together. Preparing us for duty with UNICEF. In Kenya When we ran, we felt ok. I think the same. If we do not exercise this range. I can not go to work in Kenya. Because of the work there. I have to work late in the evening and I have to wake up at 6 o'clock every day before we shop. We buy clothes as we imagine. That Africa Must It's a set of animals. Like Indiana Jones Buying I do not really use my face clothes. I do not wear a UNICEF shirt. I want to see people from the clip I took. I am very grateful that UNICEF has given me this job. "

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