Wednesday , October 5 2022

Toys: Shakespeare's new song – innnews


Prepare to hug the song song. Give him a damn Because of this, the singer still stands. I love the playful The Toys, the teens hit the country like "winter ago." And before the rainy season, let's have fun with Chang Music Connection featuring "OVERCOAT MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 # 9". (The artist's talk about the Overcoat Music Festival 2011). specialties of this time … "Close to Thailand's winter festival. This year, good number 9, and only once a year, everyone will sing with. In the valley of Khao Kho There are so many popular songs that will shake the scene on him. That's all. And there are many cool artists on stage. We will warm you up with music. It's fun to play with the mountain, of course, prepare a pillow to sleep to listen to music. Do not forget to overbeat your favorite. Take with you. "

Come and join us for fun in the cold on Sunday December 9 @JollylandStarlight Amphitheater Khao Kho, Phetchabun Ticket 1,600 baht, now available at Counter Service in 7-Eleven. at This year I hugged the neck song at Khao Kho.

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