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The most famous celebrities run the festival "Phuket Thon 2018"

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<h2>      "Phuket Tunt 2018" Showcases World Class Marathon Festival "Pancakes – the first" marathon in the first marathon Together with celebrities Yo – Yot Wade and Night Sakda. The former Japanese champion, "Hiroki Kai", rushed to the finish line for the first time by 2.28.23 hours.</h2>
<p>        Phuket joins the ministry of tourism and sports Athletics Association of Thailand Athletics Association of Thailand Cash Cards Umea Plus Minerals, Sponsors and Mug Asia, World Event Organizers Announce Asia's Sports City The second annual Phuket International Marathon Festival "Phatthalung 2018" (Phukethon 2018). International Athletics Federation (IAAF), Athletics Federation of Asia (AAA) and Athletics Association of Thailand During Royal Royal Patronage During 10-12 November 11 at Rocky Bridge, Phuket attracts more than 10,000 people around the world challenging 3 historic "The Cape -The Bay-The Old Town "routes. "Bronze Lions" Run 2020 </p>
<p>        November 11, 61, Phuket Governor Phakapong Sawipat As President of the Phuket 2018 Competition, CAPE or Full Marathon (42,195 km). Take the province's 20-25 degree high through "Cape Panwa", the world's most beautiful scenic spots, and the BAY or Half Marathon (21.1 km). Pier Views Panwa This is the second day. After the opening of "OLD TOWN" or mini marathon (10 km) with activities running Yume Plus Jelly Beach Run on November 10th.</p>
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