Saturday , October 1 2022

The farmer connects rice planting programs after the harvest season Reduce the risk of exchange of rice is not superfluous.


At Rama Gardens Hotel, Bangkok, Krisada Boonrat, Minister for Agriculture and Cooperative Revealed after the opening of the workshop. "Public Power Project to Support Maize Farming After Farm Season", which has officials in 33 provinces participating in the project as the Ministry of Agriculture A policy to reduce rice cultivation. By planting potential substitutes. It can handle marketing under the term "leading marketing" by balancing the market. Value added to agricultural products Link production, public and private markets. Sustainable economic stability Implement production planning in line with market demand. Management of agricultural products to balance. Farmers can reduce the cost of agricultural production. Yes, the market is really not superfluous. Farmers have more income and security in the farmer's occupation. Under the Public Power Project to support maize planting after the growing season.

"The result of the recruitment of farmers on November 25, 2561 included 85,042 farmers, 735,525 rai, accounting for 72.41%. The application will be open until January 15, 2062, the end of the planting, due to the volunteers of the farmers. the price of buying corn from 8 baht per kilo to 10 baht, but no matter what the peasants planted. The Ministry of Agriculture will take care of it. During the past year, the project did not succeed. Ministry of Agriculture Collaborate with the private sector to solve problems like to deliver quality seed to farmers. Collection of products and purchasing points. Effective crop insurance Ministry of Agriculture. Hope to cope with such problems. Helps to achieve the goals. "

But for this seminar. Purpose to Understand the cooperation when executing the project. This is the first of 5 tigers in 33 provinces, including the Department of Agriculture, Royal Irrigation, Land Development Department. And the Agricultural and Agricultural Cooperative Bank (BAAC) 450 people have the opportunity to meet, talk and exchange ideas between. How to run the project. To achieve the goal.


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