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Thammasat Academic Expo and Open House 2018 create newly graduated Sustainable Development


Associate Professor Kesinee Witoonchat, CEO of Thammasat University (KMUTT), revealed that TU. (Thammasat Academic Expo & Open House 2018) under the theme "Infinity of Spirit: for People & Sustainability" at the Thammasat University Center, Rangsit Campus (Gymnasium 1). Dr Udom Chinchit, Deputy Minister of Education The Chair of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNICEF) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Dr Udom said that Thammasat University is a unique higher education institution in the development spirit of the people and society. They also appreciate the sustainable development policy in line with the objectives of the UN SDG. It helps to preserve the environment for the benefit of people and well-being.

"The world is changing in terms of technology. Population Structure Access to Elderly Society It is a matter for the university to realize knowledge adaptation. Focus on innovation for social benefits. So students and students attending this event not only look at the outcome. There should be a chance to absorb the spirit of cooperation to contribute to sustainable development in the future, says Dr. Udom.
Assoc. Prof. Kesinee said that academic work for public and sustainable. Regularly held every two years to show students the academic performance. Outstanding research 27 faculty / institute / institute We have the academic commitment for practical learning (active learning) for students to learn to pursue a successful career in the future. Deliver university policy on sustainable environment and social development

"Thammasat University is conducting various projects. Striving for sustainable development. Solving global warming Improving living conditions for people in society, such as sunbeds, up to 10 megawatts of electricity. This is the largest project compared to other Asian universities. Last year, 30 assets were reduced campus network to 41 million. Smart City has been certified by the ministry of energy, says Assoc.

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