Friday , October 7 2022

Surprisingly … "Jiyeon" like "He" gave a hot pants.


Young girl "Seo Jiyeon" When I was young "She Isis" Surprise birthday presents with warm pants. This is a good question for you to ask for this update status.

"My birthday present is warm pants, because I really want a long time." And before that time was available, he said. "Not cute at all." We are talking everyone, not buying. At that time, Jiyeon was confused about what he was Why do not we want to buy it. But the sheep, the gift, and see, okay, understand him. "

Is he really a surprise?

Well, it's not surprising that there's this too.

Last night we saw him with a party?

Oh, yes, it's just the beginning of the job. He invited me to visit. Who says this line is invited to come together. I have to go see a lot of it. But not the birthday party then. Just a mix. Because we have not met for a long time.

What is our relationship with Han now?

Like it It's like he responded to it. We are just friends. This is an excellent opportunity to develop … Well, that's okay now. Talk to each other

We are giving friends Scans to help you?

Actually, my friends feel each other (laughing). We grew up together

Is that the other young man? We have no right to claim, right?

Do not come in because they are lonely. It's not a fan. If we talk to each other clearly if you will study first. They are all adults with each other. We do not want to push ourselves and we do not want to push anyone. Because we are talking about it today, it's convenient.

Suppose this love can be developed. Will we be more serious than before?

Yes, if it is clear. Jiyeon speaks alone.

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