Saturday , September 25 2021

Novavida supports immune defense research.

Bangkok – Nov 12 – Nova Vida

Novavida Integrative Medical Center donates 100,000 baht to the Center for Excellence in Cancer Therapy, Faculty of Medicine Khun Thaweesak Vorakornvichit, Khun Anant Taveesangsiri, Khun Soras Vithitakornvijit and Khun Trisit Pisitkul, Head of Center for Systemic Biology Chulalong Corn University as donor at the Faculty of King Chulalong Corn Memorial Hospital

Data from the CU Cancer Immunotherapy Fund, Center for Excellence in Immunotherapy, Cancer Medicine, Chulalongkorn University Dr Trisit Pitsutkul has described research data as hope for cancer patients.

PD-1 Protein Discovered by Nobel Prize winner Tasuku Honjo Lead to the development of cancer treatment. In some cancer cells. Protein that binds to PD-1 and blocks lymphocytes as a "brake" that prevents white blood cells from destroying cancer.

This antibody is the Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor. It inhibits the process of lifting the brake, unlocking white blood cells. Can destroy cancer cells. We have all natural processes that effectively detect and destroy cancer cells. Only certain processes are blocked. This antibody is hoping for cancer treatment in Thailand in the future. The same applies to imported drugs and current high prices.

In patients who respond to drugs. Has a very good healing effect. And it works better when used with other immunotherapies. Center for Excellence in Immunotherapy This drug has been developed as an alternative to Thai people. Currently there is research to predict the antibody's response. With the recheck. Center. Gene analyzes have been developed to predict drug response. "

Interested people can donate at: Chulalongkorn Memorial Cancer Center Savings Account Medical Account Number 408-004443-4 Siam Commercial Bank Email: [email protected], Facebook fan page CU Cancer Immunotherapy Fund. The receipt can be deducted twice.

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