Wednesday , October 5 2022

"Jiyeon" to "Han" buy pants to remind the birthday just friends – innnews


Just passed the birthday party of the beautiful Korean girl Seo Hyun, who is also presenting the hot underwear from Han Herself, the more they look at their relationship more than friends. Latest Brand Ambassador launch of the latest hot girl heroine. Have a chance to meet the Ji Yeon girl. Do not miss Michael's progress with Han status.

"Birthday gifts are hot pants, because I really want a long time. Previously, this will buy him said." Not cute at all. "We talk everyone, do not buy." At the time, Yon was confused about what he was. Why do not we want to buy it. But the sheep, the gift, and see, okay, understand him. "

Is he always a surprise?

"No, I'm surprised that there's this one too."

Have a greeting?

"No, it's just that."

Last night we saw him and his party with friends?

"Oh yes," he said. He invited me to visit. Who says this line is invited to come together. I have to go see a lot of it. But not the birthday party then. Just a mix. Because we have not met for a long time. "

Our relationship with He is going up now?

"Like it. It's like responding to it." We're just friends. "This is a good opportunity to develop. Talk to each other"

We are giving friends Scans to help you?

"Actually, my friends know each other (laughs). We have a group of friends. We grew up together."

Now do other young people have no right to come to us?

"No, because they are all alone. It's not a fan. If we talk to each other clearly if you will study first. They are all adults with each other. We do not want to push ourselves and we do not want to push anyone Because we're talking about it today it's comforting. "

Suppose that if this love can develop. Will we be more serious than before?

"Yes, if it's clear. Just talk to me (laugh).

Who said before?

"No, not children. Children may need to be clear about what they say, but they are different now. There is a lot of responsibility. We do not want to push the love story until we are stressed.

Show that we are satisfied with the status now?

"This is very convenient now."

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