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It expires already. Catch ex waste electricity The bubbly bubble in 40 years.


Catch ex waste electricity

A few months Will expire Catch ex waste electricity They bubble bubbles during the year 40 I have to go to the debt 20 million debt to escape from the temple. Before you wait to sell used clothes market. Last but not least

Capture the past, November 27th Division of Suppression Division (PSO) May. Gene. Jirapit Puridej, MD. 1. Lt. Col Thanasak Prasatthong 1. PS.

Arrested Mr. Annop or Benjaroj 64 years old, resident 410 Soi Ladprao 94 (Panichit), Plapphla District, Wangthonglang under arrest warrant Thonburi Criminal Court 361/2552 dated July 1, fraud and guilt. documentary Detachment on the temple market in Chaingmai. Ang Thong District, Ang Thong Province

Since 1997, Annop, formerly the owner of Abwin Co., Ltd., was involved in imports of electrical appliances from Japan. Ordered in US Dollars. By paying through a bank.

But after the crisis. Or the bubble blows The baht exchange rate floats from 25 baht per dollar to 56 baht a dollar, causing major losses. The debt of 20 million baht.

Finally, interest can not bear the increased interest. As a result, the company was closed at a later date. Together with selling all existing possessions. To get money back to the bank, but not enough debt, Annop has escaped.

Later arrested officers. I know the power is flying. Hiding in the area, Ang Thong was arrested.

From the investigation, Ann made a confession that before 1997 his business was very prosperous. Ordered from Japan worth 40-50 million baht to be released in Thailand. They also used to be a partner for a car brand.

But later, the country experienced economic crisis. Floating baht Operations must be turned off. It must be a bank debt of more than 20 million, as a person who is unscathed. Money is only 2 baht, I do not know how to use the debt.

"I decided to run away. Rice and sleep in the temple in the East." Before you start looking for shoes and used clothes, sold by the market for a living. I was arrested by the arrest. , says Annop.

Basically, the authorities took the arrest warrant. Before sending to Thonburi Criminal Court. Follow the law.

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