Saturday , July 2 2022

I'm not sure what to do.


The medical device is not ready to go to Burapha University Hospital. It is not possible to check the hospital received from the organizers. Meet the Chairman of the Communication After receiving a check, the amount of only 5.4 million from income of 3.4 million may be prosecuted.

November 5, Suriya Prasong Namjai, Burapha University, Sansuk, Chonburi. Visit the boatmaster Anantakul Secondary School, Chonburi, chairman of the problem solving. Charity driving to buy medical equipment for Burapha University on October 14th. There are so many issues that leaders have to publish in social media is a social issue that requires organizers to show responsibility and reveal income.

The result of the mediation, the organizers' representatives apologize to the people. And it will be reported that revenues after deduction of costs to 3,467,515.89 baht from revenues of 6,869,900 baht to Burapha Hospital with media as witnesses.

But Suriya Prasong Namjai, Burapha University. He handed in documents as cash receipts, but stated only the amount of 549,415 baht to the boatmaster Anantakul vice president Chonburi, which does not match the amount agreed to deliver money. If you do not know why you only have to pay 549,415 Baht to collect the documents to the organizer.

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