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"IBANK" announces strategy for building trust after capital increase

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November 11, 2018


"IBANK" announced the strategy to build confidence in the capital increase.

IB Bank launches new MD of Islamic Bank of Thailand (IBB) Mr Wuttichai Suraratachai and 7 strategies to build customer satisfaction increase efficiency Capacity increase after capital increase of 18,100 million Baht
Thailands Bank (BOT) announces that it has designated Wutthichai Suraratchai from October 1, 2061, with a bachelor's degree in history. (First Class Honors), Thammasat University and MBA from Thammasat University. Wuttichai has over 30 years of experience in banking and finance. CEO, Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited

The Bank's financial performance was satisfactory and exceeded its target. It is expected that the bank will have a profit of approximately Bt600mn after the end of the year and after deduction of doubtful claims in the future. The net result will be Bt590mn which will generate profits over the last five years for capital increase from the major shareholders, the Ministry of Finance. Following the Islamic Bank of Thailand Act, the Ministry of Finance was able to hold more than 49% of the total shares on July 18, 2018. At present, the bank has received 18,100 million baht in additional capital. As a result, the Ministry of Finance holds almost 100% of the coalition, which is a requirement of the Ministry. I will slow down before. For next time and interest. Saw Mr. Prosper Excellence

Wutthichai Suraratachai, President of the Islamic Bank in Thailand, said that we have prepared a plan to expand the business when the capital increase has been introduced and has already presented SCC as a Corporate Governance Policy Committee (R), in line with the Bank's seven key strategies, namely business development plans to improve customers. Corporate Development Plan And human resource development plans to increase capacity and sustainability. Business Development Plan to Improve Customers Will continue to focus on Muslim clients in accordance with the Bank's mission. Being the main bank for Muslim customers at the same time is a good choice for the general customers. With the loan development target of 2062 billion baht in 2016, the main revenue will continue to grow. Corporate Development Plan A plan to improve the credit process. In order to support port expansion and increase asset quality and improve the efficiency of credit operations, it is necessary to control and balance duplication to provide quality customer service. In addition to upgrading the IT platform to digital banking services to provide customers with convenience. Development plan for personnel development The development of personnel that are compatible with the business. Developing sales ability. Develop Islamic banking and finance skills to increase employees' knowledge and skills. In order to increase the potential for development, the Bank aims at achieving its goals.

In addition, the Bank's goal is to "The Moral Bank" to upgrade and develop the moral standards of the existing, which is already better. IBANK is active in Islamic operations. It is based on virtue. So if all employees are aware and behave in a moral and ethical way. Having an open and sincere work culture will result in a strong organization. Operate under good governance. To provide services to customers and the public fairly. This is to create a good example of the organization as a moral bank to stand on.

Profitability 2016 The Bank aims at achieving a profit of Bt1,135mn and a net profit of Bt1,088mn, an increase of 80% from 2018. Strength is the only Islamic financial institution in Thailand. Ready to serve the Muslim Brotherhood. And that is a good choice for our customers. I feel comfortable with IB, said Wuthichai.

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