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Heartfelt! IOC gave bronze medal for 2012 to Siripuch.


"Poker" Siripuch Kulmoi, a former Thai weightlift. Bronze Medal at the London Olympics 2012 After waiting for more than 6 years together.

November 8 61 Siripuch Kulmee, a former 58 kg national lifter, took the bronze medal. From the London Olympic Games 2012 United Kingdom In the World Weightlifting Competition 2018 in Ashgabat. In Turkmenistan, Dr. Tamas Ajana, President of the International Weightlifting Federation, CEO of the ceremony.

Siripuch has been promoted from # 4 to # 3 because of third-place athletes from Ukraine. The use of prohibited substances was discovered. It was confiscated. "I get up" with tears in my eyes. Very happy for this Olympic bronze medal. It is a great honor. This is a big Olympic bronze medal. Although medal will be a little slower for up to 6 years, but it will eventually be manufactured.

After losing weight, he returned home to Surin. I work in agriculture and help families. To sell on the market in Surin. I really want to get military service like other weightlifting athletes as well.

For this trip there are Ampol Ratthamakul and Santi Patient, a coach at Mahidol University, Surin, the "Pook" coach. this

Amporn Ratthikul said he was delighted with the Olympic bronze medal Siripat who today has because of "I Got" because of his own pursuit. The school has a director. Let's support the budget. Surin also because Siripuch is the offspring of Chang District, Surin.

And like Santi patience, as a coach. With real heart I want to make the future of Siripun Kulm much better than this, but this is good. Especially this bronze medal. Make Surin Olympic Medal Comparison After winning the Gold Medal "Chicken" Pena Gold Rush at OS 2004 in Athens, Greece.

After the ceremony, "Ghetto Ghetto" Siripatchakul and his team return to Thailand on Thursday, November 8, 2018 with TG 645 flight at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 16.05. World Cup final 2018 in Ashgabat Turkmenistan has 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze.

Thanks to photos from the Association of Sports Weightlifting Thailand.

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