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– – – – – – Heart attack


Thursday, November 08, 2018, 21.58

I'm going to bed.
Myocardial infarction

At 6:30 AM today, November 8, 61, Police Lieutenant Sombat Wangwang, Deputy Inspector Kabinburi Police Station, Prachin Buri Province, was informed by a housekeeper that a guest had been in shock. After being informed, the resuscitation unit. Kabinburi Hospital And the Buddhist Rescue of Thailand Go to help

I know at that time later though. Tell your doctor. Kabinburi Hospital inspected the scene. The hotel is a 24-hour hotel, one of Nongki, Kabinburi. In room no. 6, the dead body was found in a naked man, lay down and lost his clothes in front of him. At least 4 hours in front of the door to the pants is a man. At the end of the beer two bottles of beer are opened.

I do not know what to say. Before the accident, the driver drove a Yamaha Blue. 1 Cor. 163 Prachin Buri. Every car with a middle-aged woman. Opened the room from 10:00 in the afternoon, some women came to say it to help the guests in room number 6 in fear that the TV in the room will break. And let's go back Then they went to see the guests in the room sounded like a drunk. I asked them to remove the pants so I came out.

It's time to go back to around 16:30. As for the front of the room is on the door. No call Then call the police. Check no damage. Or signs of abuse or fight in any way. From the search for the dead luggage, the identity card was found with the name Mr. Pornchai Luang, 44 years old, resident in Samphanthawong, Narathiwat, Prachin Buri. Security guards in cash in pocket. And the flu. And many drugs, amulets, are believed to be full and sick after the girl in the hotel to overwhelm a heart attack. The officer has reported relatives to see the body and then deliver the body to save. I am waiting for your next family and will continue to look for the woman to investigate further …

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