Wednesday , October 5 2022

Google discovered 13 malicious programs hidden in the Play Store, found more than 500,000 downloads.


Common downloads Android Other than i Google Play Store There is always the risk that a virus or malicious code will attack. Last but not least, there is a hidden malware app in the Play Store that has 13 apps (from the same manufacturer) and over 500,000 downloads.

Typically, apps in the Play Store will be reviewed by Google Protect. The app itself has nothing to do with it. But the package itself or additional files. People who downloaded these apps and clicked enabled for the first time. The message will pop up to download the APK file's game center added and when the file is installed, it closes automatically when it's closed. Then the icon is hidden so it can not be reactivated, but Malware has been installed on the computer and drive secretly in the background. (See examples in action from the video.)

And if not. The 13 programs are from the same creator, Luiz O Pinto. These apps have already been downloaded. 560,000 views Of some very hot apps. I was caught in the category. Trend Me too! (Now, Google has removed all these apps.)

Download the 13 programs, then go to Anti-Virus programs to try to scan or uninstall unused app to go away. And after that you have to look at yourself by monitoring each app yourself that it is from a reliable development team? And have ratings + reviews How are you? This will be safe from viruses and malware.

Source: BGR

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