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Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women in Thailand and around the world.

& # 39;breast cancer& # 39; Find out the app."Pink Alert"

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& # 39;breast cancer& # 39;Breast cancer continues to be a common cancer. 1 In Thai women and around the world. A disease that women should focus on. Especially those in the risk group.

MD.Tonight wishing good luck Cancer specialist Phramongkutklao Hospital said that those in the risk group can prevent the subsequent dangers of cancer. Regular screening for breast cancer. Breast cancer screening by yourself and your doctor. Combined with mammograms Can reduce mortality from breast cancer to as high as percent. 30

. Dr. Naismith state

"If cancer is detected early. If you have been treated properly by a doctor, it can be cured."

For current breast cancer situation. It is in the right direction. With advanced medical technology. Better screening system Better diagnosis Today, caregivers take care of their own health. It can detect more cancers in the early stages. The chances of curing are better with it.

In cases where a diagnosis is made that the patient is breast cancer. The treatment will be carried out by a team of physicians in various areas such as surgeons, radiologists and cancer specialists. Join the best and most appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

By choice in breast cancer treatment. It has surgery. Ideal for early detection of breast cancer. At the moment you do not have to cut the entire breast. You can choose chest surgery. Is cut in the area of ​​breast cancer and nearby breast tissue, the use of radiation therapy, or so called. "radiation/irradiate"

There is also hormone treatment. Or antihormonal drugs. Use with some types of hormone sensitive. The use of chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) Or kemo

The new approach is to use drugs that specifically target cancer cells. directed therapy This is a treatment for cancer-specific drugs that are susceptible to specific drug-specific disorders.

MD.Said the state The patient has a basic understanding of breast cancer. The patient can talk to the doctor about the disease and treatment is clearer. And take care of yourself better with the disease. Nowadays, there are many tasks on the internet.

"However, the doctor recommended patients to choose reliable sources. Cancer Society of Thailand website. Or if you use a smart phone regularly. You can download the specified application. Pink Alert Breast Cancer Awareness Take a preliminary test if we are at risk. Self-examination technology Find a Cancer Care Center Frequently asked questions It also has a Czech checkup function at the doctor as well." MD.Nyan State

Female pharmacist Narumon

Naruemol Qin Kamolthong, MD, early stage breast cancer patient Share the experience. "At the age of breast pumps. 34 Years are not in the risk group. I came to a doctor. It seems like breast cancer in the early stages. Which is very happy. I find it faster healing faster.

"The treatment of each cancer patient is not the same. Like we are breasts 2 I also treat each other. Left with a hormone drug with light. Right side of both the light and the chemo light, so I recommend that all women care about their health and breasts. If lumps or feel that their own breast is abnormal. Find out from trusted sources. Go to the doctor. Breast cancer is not as scary as it thought." Ms Naruemol Pharmacy

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