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4 ways to look at winter skin Prevent eczema

November 25, 2020


Dermatologists recommend four ways to look at your winter skin Prevent eczema

Dr. Narong Apikulvanich, Deputy Director – General, Department of Medical Services And a spokesman for the Department of Medicine Said that now Thailand is entering the winter Temperatures began to fall in many areas. Keep the air cool and dry We recommend that you keep the skin moist. With four simple tips to look at winter skin as follows: 1. Do not bathe too hot 2. Use mild soap 3. Apply nourishing cream regularly. By choosing a skin care product that is suitable for your skin type, such as very dry skin, you should use a nourishing oil 4. It is more important to apply sunscreen before leaving the house each time. To protect the skin from the sun that comes with cold wind. For people with skin disease Signs of skin changes should be noted. If you have any abnormal symptoms, you should consult a doctor. And should see a doctor regularly

Female Dr. Minkwan Wichaidit, Head of the Institute of Dermatology, Department of Medical Affairs added that The most common winter skin diseases are eczema caused by dry skin. May cause itchy rash It is most common in young children with sensitive skin, the elderly, caused by dry skin and sensitive to irritation, soap or various chemicals. Therefore, you should not bathe too hot. Use a cleansing product that does not make your skin dry and tight. Apply a moisturizer after the bath. Irritated eczema There are often many symptoms on the hand. Especially in people who do housework It will have an itchy red rash. Dry, red, cracked hands Can offer primary care by wearing protective gloves Avoid contact with various chemicals. Even in direct contact with water And should apply maintenance cream often Skin allergy in children It causes dry skin, redness, itching, recurring, and some children do not bathe in cold weather. Causes more bacteria in the skin Is one of the reasons why the disease recurs Children’s skin care emphasizes the use of nourishing creams. There is no need to buy an antibacterial soap. Because it can cause increased irritation, itching, seborrhea, allergic rashes, oily glands There is a red, flaky rash on the hairline, cheeks, nostrils, ears, which is greatly aggravated during the weather change, sleep late, sleep less, drink alcohol, treatment should change behavior and use products that are gentle on the skin along with applying nourishing creams. And come to see a doctor at a time For viral diseases it is very contagious during the winter, such as phlebitis, fever with blisters or measles, which is found in children with high fever, cough, red eyes and rash. Breathe

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