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[รีวิว]Ralph Breaks Internet The Devil Heart 2 – The Cheeky Spider Disappointment of Disney The Screaming Princess


Ralph Breaks Internet

Finish the animation.

10.0 / 10

The fairness of the chapter

9.5 / 10


10.0 / 10


9.5 / 10

Bang for your buck

10.0 / 10


  • Very funny movie
  • Disney Princess Scream
  • Movies created the Internet is very exciting.
  • There are scenes of tears and many applause.
  • Chuck on Wonder Woman called this cool.


  • The story may not be very new.
  • People like the first part may think that the first part is better.

2004 Michael Moore Shake the world's political arena with Golden Palm Film Feature Film. Fahrenheit 9/11 In the aftermath of the World Trade Center collapse in the United States until the Iraq war. And criticism of President George W. Bush, who at that time was destroyed by a staggering technique. And this year he came back with a similar documentary film. Fahrenheit 11/9 Trump took over the presidency And the movie has been called.

The most powerful boiliest movie ever. And deep penetration until the news agency is still shy.

I only have a movie. Where to invade next Go for a year 2015 Michael Moore patronizes the world to find the best of each and everybody to tell the Americans. But we have to work with developing countries at home with us. It looks like many people. The movie is not happy satire. But it is not open to the world. And in recent years when Donald Trump Win the election with the most popular right-wing policy. It's time to go in a fight like Michael Moore to wait for violent aggression and crazy power seriously.

The scene opened This is a dream come from Fahrenheut 9/11.

This is a movie that Michael Moore decides and passes a political moment that changes his mind. In order for even the Democrats And Mohammed's President Obama, the brightest star of hope, has proved to be another disappointment when it comes to changing the country. Obama's compromise led America to drum everyone. I do not want to accept the truth. It is Moore's duty to dig it out. How did all Americans come to this point? Of course Moore is furious with this, and the message will not endanger anything more than that.

Michael Moore, Old Hell, ordered the old man back!

From the story of the singer. Gwen Stefani The value of the object. The voice More than the trumpets from the TV station. The trumpet called for attention at the unofficial presidential election. It's a sad song. The film brought us to a large group of politicians, including strike of teachers in West Virginia. And a world class student convoy shot at Parkland High School. And a reflection of greed and national corruption through the tragedy of lead contaminated water in Flushing, Michigan.

And from Bill Clinton's hardness to the world of Barack Obama, the American political devotee has become a candidate for the nomination itself. Michael Moore takes over. 2 hours on the screen, vampire the dreamy links in these stories so packed that the movie thinks 3-4 hours to explain what to? Sitting on a millionaire / reality show / clown on the political arena / gender and racism The people who all sides look at can not be president. Donald Trump Then the election wins. And then rose toThe 45th president in the United States was shocked!

Michael Moore continues to cut down and tighten the tie. I can not believe that. But it is less easy to present. No animation or technology required. Only images with editing and audio are fun. Of course, the style of entering the building or house politicians is asking to arrest still as ever. Many times we do not laugh. Many times the pain in the subject. Many times power Many times desperate, depressed. And this is the power Michael Moore has created over the years, yet the elbow does not diminish with the unfaith of the world. Although many times the audience was wise enough to follow Moore's film, which set the color to grimace. True History Finally, the duty is to know the truth of our responsibility.

And the cruel and cruel part of it is that when we look at the events in the movie we find this one. Which country I like it too. The political party is hopeful but robbed the people's trust. The government sees benefits before people's lives. And leaders who lack personality or ability to drive the country to all people. I have everything. And if the country has these bad things. Perhaps this film shows some of the courage of the people in the wake of the twist of the system. It can be something. We have Also

Leather Film Co., Ltd. Only in the SF group as of 29 onwards is recommended to frame and hide before leaving home. And hurry to watch the movie before the program is out. This movie can not only change America.

It can make our society out of political unrest.

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