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Xiaobao translation field is listed in Taiwan! Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean two-way translation, standby 180 days and easy and portable | TechNews Technology News


Following Cheetah Mobile, Xiaobao AI smart speaker followed the 7th announcement that another product, Leopard Translation Stick, was officially launched in Taiwan. Xiaobao Translation Bar has one-button bi-directional translation, 180-day standby mode, easy and portable features. Currently, the Chinese language, English, Japanese and Korean, supports 70% of people's travel abroad translation.

Leopard Translator uses AI Artificial Intelligence Technology from Hunter Mobiles Orion Star and Microsoft Intelligent Speech Engine to automatically recognize the language and complete real-time voice translation. Leopard Translator is connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth technology to link to the cloud database. The action is quite simple. Users can go to Google Play and the App Store to download the "Little Leopard Translation Stick" program. When the device is paired, just press the translation button on the front of the body and speak to complete the voice translation. It will also be recorded in the "Little Leopard Translation Stick", the adjustment of the playback volume is performed in the upper body of the upper body and slides over and over.

The intelligent speech engine built by Xiaobao Translation Bar currently supports three types of bi-directional translation in Chinese / English, Chinese / Japanese, Chinese / Korean, and meets the translation needs of Taiwanese people traveling abroad, especially when traveling between Japan and South Korea. In the event that communication in English is not possible, Leopard's translation field may become a small helper. In the future, other languages ​​will be introduced, which can be obtained from the application's paid purchase model.

Leopard's translation field has a waiting time of up to 180 days and can be used for up to 24 hours in a row. Whether it's a light or heavy traveler, as long as you have a fully loaded Leopard translation board for traveling abroad, you do not need space. Charging Equipment. Not only that, the Leopard translation bar has a simple design, the front is bright and transparent, the outer ring on the translation key has a circular respiratory light effect and the back retains metallic touch of matt aluminum and the overall vision is low and elegant. The body weight is only 45g and the size is 136 × 352 × 9 mm. It can easily be removed when it is in the pocket.

Chen Jiahan, Vice President of AI Products in Taiwan Cheetah, revealed that the goal of Xiaobao Translation has taken over 50% of the market in Taiwan. The Taiwan sales have been optimized for the spoken vocabulary that Taiwanese people often use, not just as translators but also as a small English teacher to help users train their mouths. In addition to paying for additional languages, a voice-to-text feature will be developed to help create meeting minutes, and related services are expected to be available within three months.

▲ At the press conference, the official tried to make the popular palace drama in English.

The powerful translation field Xiaobao is priced at NT $ 1699 and will officially be launched on Cheetah's mobile website, the general distribution of Liangxing Electronics and other shopping platforms. The double 11 will soon, as of November 11, the small leopard translation field limited time specialties as long as 1 499 yuan.

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