Friday , August 19 2022

Wild 祯 祯 黏 sticky wallpaper little open fitness spray sweat hot chat sweet smile – Zhongshi News


The artist Xiaoyan (Hu Yingwei) and her husband Li Jinliang have been married for 11 years and have a female Emma. The two have been separated for more than 5 years, and they once heard a news and the emotional situation has attracted much attention, but Xiaoyan was recently affected by the media and was small with wallpaper. Open after training, the interaction was hot, and the little girl in good mood showed a sweet smile from time to time.

The slender and robust little sister does not share the training process. According to the Apple Daily report, Xiao Yan and the wallpaper Xiao Kai Ding Chuncheng were reported to be in a gym in the Eastern District. After the two sports, they naturally sit side by side and eat while they are eating. Chat, Xiao Yan from time to time reveals a sweet smile, the atmosphere looks very beautiful.

Xiao Xiao said that the other party is a friend of Xiao Ma (Ni Zikai). "I will go to the gym with Marco and Pei Xu and Ding Chunxi." My identity card is still in the column of Li Jinliang. "

(China Times Newsletter)

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