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Passengers in private infected areas entered the country for 18 days and found 122. |芋 传媒 TaroNews


In order to prevent the invasion of African swine fever, the Inspectorate continued to impose penalties for illegal entry of meat passengers. Maximum penalty was NT $ 15,000. According to the statistics from October 18 to November 4, a total of 122 cases were seized. China, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries.

Animal and plant epidemic and quarantine agency in the Agriculture Committee for the Executive Yuan said today that the epidemic situation for China's African swine fever has continued to spread. Yesterday, the epidemic situation in Chongqing has been added. It has now been extended to 14 provinces / cities / districts, and reached 58 cases.

In order to prevent the invasion of African swine fever, the inspection agency has imposed sanctions on passengers transporting uncooked pork products from China in violation of the provisions of September. Maximum penalty is 15,000 yuan, from September 1 to October 17. A total of 26 were fined.

As of 18 October, the Anti-Inspection Bureau also imposed a maximum penalty of 15,000 yuan for those who entered the country to transport meat products from African pigs or foot-and-mouth disease. By the end of November 4, a total of 122 cases were seized. According to the Anti-Inspection Bureau, 71 of the 122 articles were from China, 34 in Vietnam, 6 in the Philippines, 4 in South Korea, 2 in Thailand, 2 in Myanmar and 1 in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

With regard to the collection of African swine fever virus from the illegal meat sent to the Animal Health Laboratory in Mainland China, the Inspectorate reported that 327 cases have been tested and the result is positive and the rest is negative.

The Anti-Inspectorate stressed that in order to achieve deterrent effects, the rules for the prevention and control of infectious diseases on animals have begun, and the fine will be increased to a maximum of 300,000 yuan. The draft has also been initiated and approved by Executive Yuan. If it is changed by the legislative Yuan in the future, it will also provide a penalty base for the executive agency to follow.

AFB has urged passengers not to bring cattle from countries where African pigs and foot-and-mouth disease are affected, or they will be severely punished.

(Central News Agency)

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