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Ma Junhao Slam Guns Gong Yugong Yuli Shengcheng Deyi Black Panther Flag 8 | Central News Agency | NOWnews Today News

Central News Sports / NOWnews
Central News Sports / NOWnews

(Central News Agency reporter Li Jinwei, Taipei, 12th) Yuli High School defeated Chengde High School 4-1 in the Black Panther Flag Baseball 16 match today and rely on Ma Junhao's slam home run in the first half of the fifth match. 8 strong.

In the 6th CITIC Cup Panther Flag National High School Baseball Competition 2018, the last day of the 16th round, two games were held today at the Tianmu Baseball Stadium in Taipei. The first battle was held by Chengde High School to Shangyuli High School.

The two sides did not have much offensive in the first four innings. The two teams were deadlocked by 0-0. Until the first half of the Yuli High School, the first horse Huang Xuanjing hit the third base and after the end, Yu Kaiwen got four bad balls. After Lin Zikai went to the base. Yuli High School formed a full base. After the two games, Ma Junhao turned out in the left-hand corner and beat the home run so that Yuli High School took a 4-0 lead.

The rear Chengde High School did not seem to have an effective offensive until the second half of the 7th game. The first hitter of the agency Qiu Jiaqing went over the strike to the first base. Next Big Shen One shot the infield to roll the ground and Yuli high school could not kill. Shen Zeng went up to the first base. After Jane Ruiwen got the four bad balls, Ye Donghua made the left field and hit him. Chen Shengping then waved Gao Fei to fight and Chengde High School recovered 1 point.

After the two teams did no longer score, Yuli High School beat Chengde High School 4 to 1 at the end of the match. After winning the game, they reached the top 8 and will be on the 15th. (Editor: Chen Yizhen) 1071112

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