Saturday , December 5 2020

“Japan Post” “I played badly and I still use it!” Zhang Benxun blows ham, players are unhappy, Kuriyama monitors renewal Times News

  1. “Japanese job” “I still use it because it sucks!” Zhang Benxun blew his butt, the player was upset, Kuriyama, and supervision continuedLeisure report electronic report
  2. Japanese post / Magic King! Wang Bairong opened the second army’s attack rate as high as 60% 67Yahoo Sports
  3. “The Japanese Post” Wang Bairong, the second army returns to the team, 3 points cannon is expected to return to the first armyFOX Sports Channel
  4. Japanese Post / Wang Bairong blew up 3 points and the other army’s attack rate was 60% 67UDN United News Network
  5. King of the “Japanese Post” returns! Wang Bairong’s second army is ready to play with 3 points and the first army is readyLeisure report electronic report
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