Wednesday , October 5 2022

Han Bing is beautiful and transparent! Self-explosive, most afraid of daddy – Zhongshi News


Han Bing's beautiful and translucent private photos are exposed and reveal a perfect figure. (Figure / flip from Han Han Facebook)
Korean girl Han Han has been an amateur model. (Figure / flip from Han Han Facebook)

Han Bing, daughter of Zhuo Xiongs mayor, South Korea's Yu, is more eye-catching and more popular because of his help. Some network operators found that Han Bing, a 23-year-old 167 cm tall, had many pictures of her model period on Facebook. She was very sexy and charming. She turned out to be an amateur model who had signed a contract and her Facebook photo was exposed. Praise the lips super sexy, beautiful Shu Qi.

He Bing recently approved an interview with Mirror Weekly. He revealed that he had signed a contract because he was interested in the model. He does not exclude performance work after graduation. One of the exposure pictures, Han Bing has a white translucent lace, deferred curve, and wisely blocked the chest with his hand, sexy and charming, quite star-laden.

For the best assistant to be dad, Han Bing acknowledges that "the most saving fathers lose money". She was very nervous about the bill night, worried that she could not win and worried that many would lose money because of this choice. After accompanying dad to win the election campaign, Han Bing stressed that all current academics are important and return to Canada to continue their studies.

(China Times Newsletter)

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