Saturday , October 1 2022

Bitcoin falls down like a bluff |钜 亨 网 – Forex


Bitcoin broke all sorts of records in sequence, but most were bad records. In a few days, it will set a new record for four years.

Since October 2014, Bitcoin has not experienced a decline for four consecutive months. However, it will be closed in November, and it will be a preliminary conclusion. It will fall every month since August and create a record of four consecutive months of decline.

On October 31, 2014, when the four previous four months of the decline ended, Bitcoin reported $ 336.

Since early November, bitcoin prices have been over $ 6,500 and have fallen by more than 40% so far. The world's most famous digital currency has fallen more than 50% since the first month of August 1.

During the four months, many well-known investors have predicted the bottom. On September 13, Michael Novogratz released a tweet and said, "I think yesterday's flame has come." Bitcoin prices were just over $ 6,000.

On September 30, a survey by Fundstrat Global Consultants found that 44% of investors believe that Bitcoin's low point has been reached. In a research report released on October 4, Fundstrat said that 54% of institutional investors who participated in a private dinner said the worst case of digital currency had gone.

Now, due to the big losses of find hunters, voice critics are even bigger. They say that digital currency is a fight against fraud.

Analyst Wolf Richter said in a new report: "This is a bluff. From December 2017 to the beginning of January 2018, it peaked and collapsed."

On Tuesday, Bitcoin reported $ 3,729.45.

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