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Although there may be many readers and friends even born later than the prototype of this game console, friends who love games should not know the original PlayStation that undermines the entire game industry. Earlier with new 3D games and very good content, At that time, the game machine's war broke out, as well as the current PlayStation platform. For more than 20 years, SIE has tried to let old friends and new friends experience this year's essence with the PlayStation Classic mini-player.

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Behind 1994, the Nagoya Air Crash occurred that year, the legendary racer washed car accident, Mandala became the first black president in South Africa, the Lion King release released, the first major Taiwan election, the Kobe earthquake and the end of the year, Sony officially entered in the game console industry, released a game console called PlayStation, Saturn's Saturn became the same year and launched 3DO and 1996 Nintendo 64 1993 to compete in the fifth-generation console.

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Sony, who was a newcomer to the gaming industry at the time, would enter the game console industry and most pointed out to the collaboration with Nintendo. Previously, he did not expect this decision, which was a bit annoying, but became a major source of revenue for the Sony Group today. Opponents like Sega and 3DO have now withdrawn from the home console market, and Nintendo's Switch can be transformed into a home console, but the kernel is still a handheld game console. Today's opponent in home consoles, strictly Microsoft's Xbox. .

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If you're talking about this is a bit far away, or returning to this playful Mini PlayStation Classic, this is similar to this PlayStation Classic Nintendo mini-red and white, mini Super Nintendo or NeoGeo mini, not really The Full Refurbishment, but the Modern New The technique of reproducing the essence of the host then, of course, since some compatible hosts have the ability to perform this year's game pieces, just provide a variety of built-in classic games for gaming.

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From the outer packaging perspective, Sony intentionally made the PlayStation Classic outer box as the Japanese mainframe package and kept the black and white retro print on the white background. Due to the provisions, the Taiwanese version of the outer packaging was printed with 18 prohibitions. The logo is inevitably difficult, and the words in the package are similar to the original PlayStation. The company's name has been changed from the original SCE to the current SIE.

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Take out the values ​​in the package, the appearance of PlayStation Classic is like the scale reduction version of PlayStation. The organization is no longer the original CD host. PlayStation Classic is the same size as the UMD used by PSP, but only it is the decoration of the look. There is nevertheless a reason to use the flash memory that holds a large number of games, and the reason you use the disc is not available (and the cost of the turntable is higher).

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Because the internal card is a new high performance single-city computer, and in response to the current TV design, the input and output terminals on the back are also modern HDMI, and need only be powered by mini USB on the 5V 2A transformer, while single-computer it already has The memory itself, of course, it is not necessary to purchase an additional memory card to store the game. The exclusive control interface is now only USB, but SIE accurately sets the controller's USB terminal protection in this year's arc. Form Design.

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Although the mainframe is much smaller, but fortunately, SIE does not intend to destroy the player or maintain the same full size controls as the original first generation PlayStation, it is also easy to handle because the first generation Dual is not copied. Shock, but the original control without mushroom head and vibration, but the basic design of the year is still used today, the unique four-way separation direction keys and the square, triangle, circle and fork keys have become consistent features of Sony controllers.

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Once you have connected PlayStation Classic to HDMI and installed the standalone transformer, press the power button to start the main frame. Of course, PlayStation Classic is no longer the original PlayStation that needs to be inserted into the disc. The PlayStation Classic game management screen that was unavailable earlier lets you enter the game you want to play, eliminating the need to read and temporarily store the disc. The speed of loading the game is also much faster than this year's.

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However, the PlayStation Classic game was, after all, directly ported, and it was not for image enhancement. PlayStation Classic was not adapted to the modern widescreen. All content was held at 640 x 480 resolution of 3: 2, and it was completely back. Twenty years ago, the current LCD TVs were different from the most common CRTs. It also showed that the best video technology 20 years ago is not even the quality of basic 3D mobile games.

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But even back to the game, there were still many epoch games on PlayStation, and in PlayStation Classic there are also many index games, such as the real racing car that created the virtual idol in the gaming world, PlayStation IV. The main button on the iron fist, the motion picture game Metal Gear Solid, created by Hideo Kojima and Final Fantacy VII, originally required a large content of up to 3 CDs.

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Even if you use the first generation PlayStation controller to play these things, it's a bit difficult, even though there is no analog control of the sponge head, only the separate keys with a special touch can be used to control the direction, which is inconvenient for Some action games, but For experienced players who have experienced the fifth generation console game more than 20 years ago, because these works are now mounted in such a small and sweet host, there should be unexplained tears.

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Of course, for the vast majority of players and friends, there are of course ways to play these games without playing PlayStation Classic, but after all, these mini versions of replicates sell a feel and touch, Nintendo's two mining restaurants have confirmed this. I think fans who love to play on PlayStation are not only interested in the content of the game, but also moved to previous feelings.

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