Saturday , October 1 2022

"Artifact" first comic "overture" exposed, said it will affect the fate of "Dota2" heroes | 4Gamers


Valve's development and promotion of exchange card game "Artifact" will be launched on November 29, this (27) Today's official surprise public first album "overture" for the game to warm up and said "Artifact" will expand the worldview and yet change the destiny of the heroes in the "Dota2" game.

Valve pointed out that Artifact is not just a card game based on Dota, but the story also takes place in Doto's time and space. With the same time and space set, the events and stories that Valve has written for Artifact will also expand the common world with Dota.

In the countdown of Artifact, the first comic "overture" has also been launched, and interested players can go to the official website to watch.

In addition, Valve announced that Artifact's other comic "armed" calls will be released on the day of the game release (Thursday 29th), predicting that a series of events at this stage will change Dota's world forever.

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