Saturday , December 5 2020

A group of Taiwanese “spies” including Li Mengju were arrested on the mainland, and the Taiwanese authorities criticized them for “recognizing” -BBC News

Li Mengju

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Li Mengju was confirmed by Taiwan’s Chinese Foreign Affairs Office last year that he had been investigated for “suspected criminal activities that endanger national security.”

Last year, Taiwanese Li Mengju, who was arrested by the Chinese authorities for “illegal supply of state secrets”, appeared in the official media, claiming that he had done something wrong before and “slightly damaged the motherland.” Taiwan’s Real Estate Council criticized Li Mengju’s execution by the Chinese authorities. Suppress the “confession”.

China Central Television’s report “Focus Interview” on Sunday (October 11) broadcast a clip of Li Mengju’s interview. He told the camera that he had done a lot of wrong things before and “I’m sorry.”

The program also described Li Mengju as a “businessman with hidden motives.” After participating in protests against the amendment to the Regulation on Refugee Perpetrators in Hong Kong last year, he went to Shenzhen to try to use his mobile phone and VCR to take pictures of military vehicles and armed police forces gathered in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Jibei was arrested as he left the country.

The “News Link” program broadcast on CCTV the same day also pointed out that the authorities have launched special operations in the past year and successfully cracked down on hundreds of spy theft cases and arrested a group of Taiwanese spies and relatives including Li Mengju.

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