Sunday , October 2 2022

A Bianyu supports candidate country promise "One Country Connection" as a strong support for the Cai government – ETtoday News Cloud

A Bianyu supports the candidate "One Country Connection" who swears to be a strong support of the Cai Government ETtoday News Cloud

▲ Former President Chen Shui-bian. (Photo / Reporter Zhang Yizhong) Political Center / Report last year The 30th President Chen Shui-bian in Facebook, Chen Shui-bian New Brave Story, presented a list of candidates for "one country in a row" in Taichung City constituency called for all by the end of the year In the election campaign, centralized voting support, democratic weapon-guarded national sovereignty paved the way for normalization of Taiwan's state and promised to be a strong support for the Cai government. Chen Shui-bian said that "a country joins a country" advocates "Taiwanese mainland, a country and a country" and "placenta is a political event and should be rehabilitated"; "a country is connected" is not a political party or a fraction, and there will not be another. The political group, but the combination of ideas and cohesion of fair forces, gives the consciousness and courage of the Taiwanese people to be the country's lords and refuses to be ruled by the communist party on the mainland. Chen Shui-bian pointed out that in recent years mainland literary sects have been scared and intensified by the Shang dynasty's slogan. But Taiwan's people are not afraid, the power of the people is infinite and the voice "one country at a time" is even more. Therefore, in the election campaign at the end of the year, fully support the candidates for the parliamentary elections, use the voices to protect national sovereignty and maintain justice for the reform of judicial system, and quit for Taiwan. To bridge the road to the normalization of the Taiwanese state and promise to be a strong support for the Cai government. ▲ A list of recommended members of a country in Taichung City constituency. (Photo / flip from the facebook "Chen Shui-bian new brave story") "I have something to say …"

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