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World Cup: "Duellen" to chess crown: Caruana calls Carlsen – Other sports


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Only three points distinguish them in the world ranking – in the fight for chess crown is guaranteed high tension: defender champion Magnus Carlsen or challenger Fabiano Caruana?

Norway's chess genius Magnus Carlsen faces the hardest battle in his career, as Challenger Fabiano Caruana only knows a goal in the World Title Duel: being the first American to win the World Title for 46 years.

From Friday to November 28, World Champions Carlsen and Caruana will fight for the title in London. There are twelve matches on the program. If the score is 6: 6, the champion will be named in a tiebreak for reduced games. One million dollars (875,000 euros) are in the premium pot.

"This time it's the real duel," says Carlsen, admitting that "Being a world champion has become part of my identity, and that's why I'm very concerned that I do not care so much about being world champion, but I do not want to That's someone else, says the 27-year-old Norwegian. "It's a bit shameful, I have to admit, that's not how it should be." This statement characterizes Carlsen appetite: The best chess player in the world begrudge his opponents no victory and show His dissatisfaction clearly after defeat.

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Since July 2011, Carlsen has been the undisputed number one in the chess world and since 2013 world champion. He won the title against Indian Viswanathan Anand five years ago by 6.5: 3.5 and defended him one year later against the same opponent in Sochi, sovereign of 6.5: 4.5. He made it a little more exciting in 2016 against Russian Sergei Karjakin: After 6: 6, Carlsen won only in a tiebreak 3-1.

The defending champion heads the world, but Caruana is following only three points behind the second place. It's a moment in the chess. 33 times the two big masters of the classic chess were already in front of each other. The match ended in a draw 18 times, Carlsen won ten times, Caruana five times. This is the world champion as an easy favorite in the race.

For a year younger Americans, the grip of the World Cup title is the logical consequence of his many successes in recent years. Many experts had him on the bill in 2016, but he ended up in the championship tournament in Moscow just behind Karjakin in second place. In April this year he did better in Berlin. He left his seven opponents in the candidate tournament.

Caruana has been the first American who fought for the World Cup since Bobby Fischer in 1972. So now all chess fans are hoping to go from abroad on the narrow, but – just like Carlsen – physically educated young man. Caruana expects an enchanted duel. For him, chess is a martial arts.

"It's a bit like boxing or mixed martial arts, it's a duel blast where we both will try to get the top edge and impose our will on the other," said the 26-year-old American at "It's not a physical sport but if people like these one-on-one duels, they're right at bay. " (AP)

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