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WhatsApp Update: Contacts will be assessed in the future

Since 2009, more and more people around the world have used the popular WhatsApp Messenger to communicate with their loved ones, coworkers or acquaintances. WhatsApp has been a part of Facebook since 2014 and is regularly updated with new features, features and improvements. In this article, we will keep you posted on each new WhatsApp update.

Update from November 12, 2018

WhatsApp contacts rank in the ranking

WhatsApp is currently testing a feature that prompts contacts according to specific criteria. The more you interact with a contact through the messenger, the more he responds to your messages and your WhatsApp status, and the more groups he is in, the higher the contact list in the ranking. Rankings affect status updates. So far, they are sorted by relevance and listed with time stamp. With the new Rankings for Contacts, the status of WhatsApp users that you most often interact with first. The time stamp disappears, which indicates when the status update has been published. Instead, there is only the ad "1 New".

Contacts ranking in WhatsApp status

So far, WhatsApp tests the ranking feature of the iOS beta app with version number This feature is only applied to WhatsApp and does not affect Instagram or Facebook's contact list. how WhatsAppBetaInfo writing, it takes some time for the messenger to check and rank all your contacts after activating the ranking function. The information required for the evaluation is based on the chat logs found on the smartphone. There should be no data on WhatsApp servers. But it also means WhatsApp will rewrite your contacts when the messenger is installed again.

Previous WhatsApp Updates in November 2018

Update from November 5, 20018

Several voice messages use autoplay

how Nordbayern reported, WhatsApp has given its homonymous messenger service a new convenience feature: Autoplay for voice messages. If you receive multiple voice messages at once, they will be played in autoplay mode as soon as you hear the first one. Of course, this operation simplifies because you do not need to click on subsequent voice messages individually.

The new feature is included in the latest update for iOS and Android and is now available from both App Stores. But WhatsApp does not mention the feature in its blog so far, so you just have to search the magnifying glass feature. However, as soon as you receive and play multiple voice messages in sequence, the new feature will be labeled quite quickly.

WhatsApp updates in October 2018

Update from October 25, 2018

WhatsApp stickers come via update

Anyone who wants to decorate their WhatsApp messages with images must be happy with smileys, poisons and videos. Now, but finally, the stickers are unlocked, as we already know, such as Facebook Messenger. The new WhatsApp update comes for both Android and iOS, but sometimes it rolls slowly. Therefore, it may take some time for the stickers to be available to all users.

As WABetaInfo writes, there are 12 sticker packages in the beginning, which originally only contain static stickers. Later, they will be supplemented with animated stickers. To use a sticker, click on the emoji symbol in the single or group chat in the input field. If the WhatsApp update with the virtual stickers has already come to your location, you'll find there next to the smileys and the GIFs, the sticker overview, which can be arranged by category. Click the plus symbol to add new stickers. The download of the different stickers is free.

Stickers come to WhatsApp
WhatsApp gets a sticker by updating.

Update as of October 23, 2018

Dark Mode for iOS shows screenshot

Already in mid-September, WhatsApp for iOS was announced soon to get dark mode. Unfortunately, this is still not included in the current WahtsApp update, but there are now screenshots that show how it will look. WABetaInfo writes that Dark Mode is still in the early stages of development and has not even been allowed for the beta test yet. Thus, the final color selection and design for the iOS dark mode may change later. One thing is certain: users of the messenger will probably be able to disable the mode on request. There will also be a counterpart for Android, but it's not complete yet.

A dark mode has a clear advantage because of its dark appearance, especially for OLED displays. In this mode, much less power is consumed than in the bright screen. The darker the ad, the smaller the pixels must be enlightened. But see for yourself what the Dark Mode on WhatsApp for iOS should look like:

WhatsApp for iOS gets dark mode
WhatsApp continues to work with the Dark Mode for the iOS app.

Whatsapp Messenger
Whatsapp Messenger

Update from October 22, 2018

Continuous voice messages and new news menu

The iOS app WhatsApp Messenger has a new update in the App Store. On the one hand, it should make it easier to listen to voice messages – especially if there are several. From now on they will automatically play in sequence. So you do not need to manually start each voice message.

Additionally, there is a new messaging menu. To mark a message with a star, reply to it, forward, copy or delete it requires only a long press on the respective message. Then a popup menu appears, where the mentioned items are listed among each other.

Last but not least, the WhatsApp update for iOS also supports iPhone Xs Max. The Apple App Store is changelog:

  • Continuous voice messages are played consecutively, so you do not have to enter each message individually.
  • If you press a message, it can be answered, forwarded, deleted, copied or marked faster with a new design.
  • Support for iPhone XS Max

Update from October 19, 2018

New vacation mode and linked accounts

WhatsApp again works with new features for its popular messenger. These affect both Android and iOS applications. On the one hand, Facebook and WhatsApp, which already belong, should be even more closely linked. Corresponding function should be linked to the accounts. how WABetaInfo Although the feature was mainly developed for WhatsApp Business, there are indications that it also applies to the regular WhatsApp application. You can find the "Linked accounts" feature after the release in profile settings. In the beginning, WhatsApp may only link to Instagram. What benefits this connection of the accounts as the regular user but in detail gives, has to wait. For patrons of the applications – Facebook – it is at least easier to switch data between the services.

New sound mode and holiday mode

The advanced mode is already enabled, where the number of messages received on the app is no longer displayed when the mute is muted. In addition, WhatsApp is planning a vacation or vacation mode. It does not need to be activated individually for each chat, without access locally. When turned on, archived chats continue to turn off until you disable this mode. Even though messages are sent in the chat.

WhatsApp updates in September 2018

Update from September 17, 2018

The WhatsApp update is supposed to include Dark-Mode

Popular messengers like Threema or Telegram have long had it: the so-called dark state. The entire interface of an app appears in dark mode in very dark colors, often black or gray. This is particularly useful for the eyes during the night chat, because the darkness does not dazzle so much in low light. Apparently, Facebook, the parent company of the world's most popular messenger, plans to introduce a dark fashion. The always well-informed WhatsApp blog WABetaInfo wants to have found. Tips for the new dark mode in WhatsApp probably will supply the source of the app, which the blogs have now worked on in a concept picture. They thus show how dark fashion can look like in WhatsApp:

WhatsApp update: The obese Messenger can finally get the dark mode "width =" 618 "height =" 348 "srcset =" https://handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/www.chip_ .de- ii-9-7-2-6-2-2-9-4-75dde42a9f280dfc.jpeg 618w, https://handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/www.chip_. DE-ii-9-7-2-6-2-2-9-4-75dde42a9f280dfc-300x169.jpeg 300w "sizes =" (max width: 618px) 100vw, 618pxIn addition to the benefits of the human eye, the darkness of WhatsApp would also be an endurance syringe for smartphones with OLED screen. Unlike LC monitors, black pixels are not illuminated in OLED panels, such as those found in iPhone X, iPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Co. – so consumes significantly less power than illuminated pixels. This can significantly prolong battery life for frequent users of WhatsApp, as the smartphone screen is always the most energy hungry. When the new WhatsApp update with dark mode is displayed, it is not yet clear. Usually, the feature is also tested first in WhatsApp beta.

Update from September 10, 2018

Update for iOS with image preview and status search

An update is available for the iOS version of WhatsApp today. It updates the messenger to version number 2.18.90 and provides essentially two new features. This is, on the one hand, an image preview and, on the other hand, the search in the status messages. However, some users still have image preview issues, which should be corrected at the right time.

The latest update is already displayed in Apple App Store and can be installed on any iPhones running iOS 8.0 or later. Users of iPhone 4 no longer like the latest version of WhatsApp. Because the smartphone still runs on iOS 7 and no longer gets an update.

But otherwise, the new features can sometimes only be used with a higher iOS version. For example, WhatsApp writes that the image preview requires iOS 10. It allows users to preview the received GIF image or photo in the message view by pressing and holding the message. Alternatively, it is also possible to turn left and press "View". So far, such a preview was only possible for text messages.

Whatsapp Messenger
Whatsapp Messenger

Search the status and alert for suspicious links

The second innovation in the latest WhatsApp update for iOS is the ability to search for status messages in the Status tab. WhatsApp users can access the corresponding search fields by dragging the screen content slightly in the "Status" tab.

Not completely new and not communicated in the App Store is the warning of suspicious links. If you receive a message with a link that may be dangerous, so you can target malicious sites, WhatsApp warns you of it. The warning appears in red directly in the message. In addition, in these cases a warning sign with the text "suspected link" can be seen.

WhatsApp updates in August 2018

Update from August 16, 2018

WhatsApp backup without loss of Google Drive storage

A WhatsApp backup with the Google Drive service has so far taken its own available cloud storage. WhatsApp and Google have long worked together in this area, even though the news service was purchased by Facebook. And now there is a new deal between the alphabet and the Facebook subsidiary – which users benefit. on reddit A user reports that they received an email from Google. This states that its WhatsApp message security no longer affects the existing Drive storage. This means that backup is possible even if the entire Google Drive memory is busy.

Google Drive: WhatsApp Security does not affect the disk space "width =" 919 "height =" 1110 "srcset =" https://handy.com/magazine/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/google-drive-whatsapp. jpg 919w, https://handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/google-drive-whatsapp-248x300.jpg 248w, https://handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/ 2018/08 / google drive-whatsapp-768x928.jpg 768w, https://handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/google-drive-whatsapp-848x1024.jpg 848w, https: // handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/google-drive-whatsapp-690x833.jpg 690w, https://handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/google-drive -whatsapp-180x217.jpg 180w, https://handy.de/magazin/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/google-drive-whatsapp-267x322.jpg 267w, https://handy.de/magazin/wp -content / uploads / 2018/08 / google-drive-whatsapp-368x445.jpg 368w "size =" (max width: 919px) 100vw, 919pxNevertheless, backups that have not been updated for a year must be automatically deleted. This new regulation should enter into force on November 12, 2018. Google recommends that you make a manual backup then to avoid potential losses.

Update from August 6, 2018

Picture-in-Picture feature for Android

WABetaInfo is again a view of an update for messenger WhatsApp. This will soon provide an interesting feature for the Android version. It's the picture-in-picture mode that we already know from the iOS version of WhatsApp. Image-in-mode allows users to watch videos on YouTube, Instagram, etc. in a small separate window, as they continue to read and send messages in the WhatsApp interface. If the feature is available, the thumbnail preview shows a spelled icon. As soon as the user clicks, WhatsApp shows the video in image-in-picture mode so that it can continue navigating the chat while the video is showing.

When the picture-in-picture mode is accurately inserted it is still unclear. Currently, it is tested by WhatsApp in beta version 2.18.234. However, according to WABetaInfo, the feature must still be optimized before it can be enabled for all users.

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