Saturday , August 13 2022

The police operation in the Arth-Goldau station blocks train traffic


The train ride through Arth-Goldau was blocked Tuesday evening. The reason for this is a police operation in the station. The area is open again. The police could seize a suspicious person.

At the intersection of the north-south line, Tuesday evening ran nothing more. The train traffic was interrupted. The reason was a large-scale deployment of the police. At 19:52, SBB reports that the event has been resolved. However, it is still expected with separate train settings.

A readers from Eurocity on their way from Milan to Zurich contacted BLICK: "We have stuck here soon after Arth-Goldau in about 30 minutes. No one has to leave the train." All cars are now combed. "Later, the train went on. As the cantonal police Schwyz on Twitter tells, the station is open again. There is no danger to the public.

The man arrested

As reported by "20 minutes", a suspect has now been arrested. It's about a man who suspected suspiciously before the train commits spokesman Florian Grossmann, Kapo. Details about him can not be done at the moment.

Officers could not find an explosive device. Police operation is over.

According to SBB spokesman Raffael Hirt, even after the opening of the station in Arth-Goldau, delays and temporary interruptions can still be expected for some time.

Cantonal Police Schwyz informs about Twitter about the situation in Arth-Goldau – by the way, is the first post in Account @KapoSchwyz. (Cat / man)

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