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SRF- "Happy Day": Roger Schawinski fan burst into tears

Sarah (38) from Zurich has a bad time behind her. She was born with a rare heart defect. A year and a half ago, the Iranian-born was implanted with a new heart. The procedure involved complications. The consequences have a huge impact on the Zurich woman in her everyday life. Last night she forgot her worries for a moment. On "Happy Day" became her greatest wish: to meet Roger Schawinski (74).

«Shawi is cool»

Sarah's brother Soroush explains on the show: "Sarah's greatest talent speaks. She is only 1.53m tall, but can talk like a world champion. Her biggest wish would be to be a presenter. Roger Schawinski is her senior idol and she would like to talk to him. "Moderator Röbi Koller (61) does not have to convince Schawinski of the idea of ​​making Sarah happy. When Koller surprised Sarah in her apartment, she explains: "Shawi is cool, I like him best. He is good, he knows nothing! Sometimes he is a little privy – but he is really good."

Koller takes the woman from Zurich to Leutschenbach, where Sarah is to look behind the scenes at SRF. She gets no suspicion – not even when sitting in Shawinski's studio. When her idol shows up, Sarah glows with joy. "He really came. I thought, 'Geile Siech!' It was the best part of the day," she says in a one-on-one interview about the element of surprise.

"It was as if Shawi belonged to my family"

Soon the studio lighting – and Schawi Sarah, as usual in his assignment, turns on the tooth. "It's rare that I'm in the studio and someone is so happy," says the talk show value and laughs. "I don't know why. You really are a horny champion," says Sarah. "I have the feeling, too," Shawi says.

To his guest, the moderator says: "You have an amazing voice." Sarah, who prefers to be a singer or – like her idol – a presenter, responds quickly: "Now stop, you don't have to flatter me!" Although her health She speaks openly about problems with Shavinsky. For Sarah, the meeting was an unforgettable experience. "It was just a flow there and a heart-to-heart connection. For me, what I have known is Mr. Schawinski for eternity. As if he is with my family," she says.

«I'm not Brüeli at all»

When a family and friends of Sarah walk into the studio, she can't hold back her tears. "I'm not Brüeli at all. I cried for the last time a hundred years ago," she explains when Brother Soroush comforts her. "It was so cute. It just came to me. My friends, my brother, who still said beautiful words, Shawi! That's when I worked together and it happened to me," explains Sarah. (KAD)

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