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Spencer surplus has an aftermath – Switzerland: Standard

The report in this newspaper on unreasonable spending at the army has consequences. "This expense scandal must be discussed at the next meeting of the Security Policy Commission," said SP National Councilor Priska Seiler Graf. And the president of the Security Council (SIK) Security Council, former occupation professor Josef Dittli (FDP), says: "The subject is not settled. I want to know about the New Expenditure Regulation of the Federal Council Guy Parmelin Such overruns will be impossible in the future. "Even for today's SIK meeting, Dittli demanded a statement by Parmelin.

The data in an investigative report on the use of high-level charges had highlighted events as astonished and angry decision makers. In particular, it is incomprehensible that in June of last year 18 partners were escaped by senior officials with army helicopters to Valais – including the golf course. Dittli says that seminars and army reports must focus on the cause. "The program and lunches at the end of the year are cost-effective and proportionate. The taxpayer must not pay for the costs of the defense ministry's partners."

«The top of an iceberg»

For the green safety policy Balthasar Glättli, the expense business is the "top of an iceberg". He says: "The fact that the army does not always spend money sparingly is shown not only by the apparently common spousal overruns. Even in the procurement of new aircraft, VBS expects much higher costs than Belgium and Holland, for example, to pay for their new F-35.

At the same time, SVP security policy officer David Zuberbühler protects his defense minister. Immediately after the announcement of the charges, he ordered investigations. As a result of the results, he has created a new cost adjustment, which has been in effect since September and "prevents such unsustainable surpluses at the expense of taxpayers".

In fact, the new directive stipulates that resources must be managed "economically and economically". Employees and especially the leadership would be obliged to act cost-conscious. The directive limits the amount of VBS employees to a maximum of 120 CHF per person for "total events" that may occur once a year – including meals, transport and infrastructure. Gifts for employees at the expense of taxpayers are forbidden in the future, and work lunches are required for employees of the federal government. Seiler Graf judges: "It's the army's own fault, if you have to look carefully and be small."

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