Saturday , July 2 2022

Softbank wants to bring Mobilfunktochter in December on the stock exchange


However, the listing will not be as pompous as expected by observers. To the lame IPO, it has long been speculated that it could give Internet giant Alibaba still in the shadow. Alibaba, where Softbank itself is involved, had taken the world's largest stock market introduction to $ 25 billion in 2014.

As Softbank pointed out, a good 36 percent of mobile operations will be launched in December. To this end, an offer of 1.6 billion shares is being planned including the redemption option. Investors are attracted to dividends with a payout of approximately 85 percent of net earnings. In order to get the hopeful sum, each individual paper must be taken to the new shareholders for 1500 yen.

The Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son pushes out with the spin-off of his empire. The company, which grew up as a mobile communications company, now appears increasingly as a technology investor. The company's own Vision Fund is considered to be the world's largest technology fund. So Softbank is involved in addition to Alibaba and Yahoo about the United States mobile Sprint and also to the car dealers belonging to Uber Technologies. But the founder of Softbank needs new money to continue investing. The telecom business is regarded as software in the Softbank Group.

The first plans for a stock exchange introduction were already known at the beginning of the year. The son is now under pressure to proceed with the project. Because the environment is not without problems: Softbanks mobile companies are threatening a possible price war after the Japanese government has pushed themselves in their view, according to high customer bills. The largest Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo has already announced significant price cuts. In addition, new competition comes through the Internet retailer Rakuten in the market. Rakuten had recently announced its own offer in the lower price segment.

Son, for its part, already plans deep cuts and explains that increased competition will not hurt his company's profits. Approximately 40 percent of jobs in the mobile sector will be reduced to reduce costs. A smaller part of the labor force is to be accommodated in other parts of the group.

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