Thursday , July 29 2021

SK Rapid gives 2.37 million wins

For Austria football champion SK Rapid Vienna things are not going well right now but economically. For the sixth consecutive year, the green white annual report has had a positive result: Hütteldorfer reported the 2017/18 annual turnover of EUR 41.7 million and a profit of exactly EUR 2 372 210.

With its third highest turnover in club history, Rapid could also increase its equity despite the absence of the European Cup. On June 30, 2018 it amounts to approximately 14.9 million, which corresponds to a historical high according to the club's broadcast.

Rapid was particularly pleased with the results achieved in sponsorship and hospitality, where about 17 million could be realized. Ticket sales and merchandising also achieved noticeable sales of 4.81 million and 2.55 million respectively. In addition, the transfer profit of EUR 7.45 was again "clearly positive". "The spending of about 3.44 million was revenue of about 10.98 million," said the green white who has been without titles for more than ten years now (2008 champion).

"SK Rapid is on a strong financial basis, despite the international absence, we were able to achieve the third highest revenue in the club's history, it is economically safe, for the future," said CEO Christoph Peschek, referring to EBITDA (Earnings before interest, Taxes, depreciation of property, plant and equipment and amortization of intangible assets), which is "second highest in club history of EUR 9.3 million".

The win "will be invested in SK Rapid's sustainable competitiveness, which has increased the total sports budget by 40 percent since the opening of Allianz Stadium in 2015/16, according to Peschek. Yet the 32-hour Austrian champions in the domestic Bundesliga are currently only in the eighth place after 14 rounds with 16 points and therefore have to shake to participate in the championship around the top six.

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