Monday , September 20 2021

Shitstorm at Migros due to special bullets

Migros ‘All Stars’ marble campaign has been running since November 3, 2020. The campaign lasts until Christmas Eve and means that each customer receives one marble for every CHF 20 purchase.

But what has now led to anger among many customers was the special campaign on Saturday 5 December, where you could only get certain special bullets that day. As a result, various customers made purchases for several hundred Swiss francs that day. Like Steinbacher Rahel Hochuli, who shopped for 300 francs and still only got one of the coveted bullets, as she said to “20 Minutes” opposite.

Migro’s treasurer justified this by saying that there were not enough bullets in stock. Rahel Hochuli thinks this is a bottomless cheek, as she told “20 Minutes”: “If they say I get one marble for every 20 francs, and in the end I’m alone with one, it’s close to fraud for me.”

The Migros campaign has also been heavily criticized on Twitter. Many customers would have made extra large purchases that day to get as many special bullets as possible.

Migros apologizes for the inconvenience

Asked “20 minutes”, Migros spokesman Marcel Schlatter wrote: “Migros was simply surprised by the demand. The special bullets went away like hot Weggli and we simply did not have enough of them.”

And you understand the customers’ irritation. But they also do not want customers to go away without hands either. Those who have not received any of the special bullets can send their receipts via e-mail.

Migros strives to provide a corresponding replacement. We are doing everything we can to process this as quickly as possible, Schlatter told “20 Minutes”.

On December 23, there should be another opportunity to receive special bullets.

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