Wednesday , June 16 2021

Guy Lachappelle – Raiffeisen President wants new structures and diversification | News

"In the beginning there are many talks with Raiffeisen banks, the other is the appointment of a new Chairman of the Board, and thirdly, we need to redefine decision-making structures," said Lachappelle in an interview with SonntagsZeitung.

It is about the question of where and how the 246 Raiffeisen banks can get a statement in Raiffeisen Switzer's decision. Lachappelle advocates in the interview for new structures in the group, like any Raiffeisenbank in the future, a delegate. He had heard this in talks in regional associations, said the new Raiffeisen president.

Lachappelle wants a successor who left Raiffeisen boss Patrik Gisel, "We have a handful of candidates on the list." The new boss should be appointed before the end of the year. In conversation with "Sonntagsblick" he added that the new one has ever run a bank and experience of sales has to lead. "And of course, he must take integrity."

Diversification in focus

And as regards the business model, diversification should be a focus. However, it is not about new acquisitions. "The banks themselves have to put their income on a broader basis," Lachappelle demanded in "SonntagsZeitung". One chance of this is the digital conversion. "We are looking at new business models."

Raiffeisen would in the future be able to combine banking services with non-banking services, according to Lachappelle. The group of 3.8 million customers has enormous leverage. "If we put the bank on the mobile phone, why not sell a mobile contract right now?" He gives an example. The reason is that the bank is still the basis of the Raiffeisen.

Asked how to proceed with the holdings owned by Raiffeisen Switzerland, Lachappelle said: "We will continue the division strategy and we will now investigate which holdings are very relevant to our business." For example, Raiffeisen, together with other investors, is a major shareholder in Leonteq derivatives supplier.


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