Wednesday , September 28 2022

German motorists downhill in Densbüren AG


Happy for a German car driver (37) in Densbüren AG. With his VW Polo he drove too fast to the right and lost control of the car. He landed in a deck.

As he drove too fast, he lost a German (37) on Tuesday at Staffeleggstrasse at Densbüren AG in the right-hand drive of his car.

His VW Polo encountered it first against the stone baskets on the right side of the road and then crashed down the slope. There VW turned several times and came 30 meters under the road again on the wheels to a stop.

The German remained undamaged. An ambulance brought him to the precautionary investigation, but still in the cantonal hospital Aarau. The car was total loss. In addition, the stone baskets were damaged. (SDA)

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