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Free HIV Test in MTK


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Health Office offers advice in connection with World AIDS Day

by Adolf Albus

(11.27.2018) This year, District Office also offers free HIV tests on World AIDS Day. On Monday, December 3rd, from 8:00 to 4:00, interested individuals may visit the HIV and AIDS counseling center without registering as health administrator and district administrator Madlen Overdick informs.



A serum tube used to take blood in the HIV test and the labels for the samples.
Photo: MTK


"The sooner an HIV infection is detected, the earlier you can begin treatment. It can then enable a majority of the victims to live a normal life," says Overdick.

After a conversation discussing questions about HIV testing as well as infection and disease, the blood occurs. The result of the blood sample is available within seven days and will be discussed during personal collection at the healthcare department. Both consultation and testing can be done anonymously. Minors require written permission from a guardian.

At the entrance to the district office there are several information leaflets on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases on 3 December. From kl. 10 to 12 are also counselors for questions.

According to the information, 141 blood samples were conducted and 275 consultations were conducted at the health department over the past twelve months. In some cases, HIV was not detected.

As Överdick explains, self-tests have also been available at the pharmacy since October. Unlike the laboratory test offered by the Health Care Department, where diagnosis can be made as early as six weeks after infection, a quick waiting period of twelve weeks should be observed in these quick tests to achieve a safe result. In a positive response, the patient should definitely go to a confirmation test in a specialist physician. Address the health department with.

The "Health and AIDS" advisory center in the district health department offers Monday open from kl. 8.30 to 11.30 o'clock and thursdays from kl. 13.30 to 17 o'clock open consultation time without registration. Employees can be reached by telephone (06192) 201-1144 or (06192) 201-1761. Information is also available on the Internet at, and at

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