Tuesday , August 16 2022

For young hockey guards, the elite begins


By Alex Gruber

Innsbruck – The early bird catches the worm. And so, ÖEHV Group Manager Roger Bader already answers the first questions in Gdansk vs. Norway (today 14:00), Denmark and host Poland, who have the international format to play at the World Cup in Bratislava (SVK / 10-26. May 2019) to compete for the league.

With Vienna striker Rafael Rotter, who was not quite fast at this season in the Erste Bank Eishockey League (only 8 points), a long-standing column has recently returned. The second nominee Daniel Woger is next to his Linz colleague Brian Lebler with 30 Lenzen, the oldest crack on board. A fact that can be recorded in the young defense network Clemens Unterweger for themselves. The 26-year-old East German has already had the latest successful World Cup in Copenhagen next to nine other in the current squad. The Innsbruck shark Philipp Lindner became a victim of the competition selection of a rib injury.

Innsbruck's shark Philipp Lindner returns to the red and white jacket.

– gepa

After landing in Poland, Lindner returned. Given that despite a makeover, "everyone in the team must fight for their lives". The selection of Roger Bader outlines Lindner sharply: "Young and lively." Nachsatz: "It is important for young players to gain international experience. Perhaps more will be successful in the jump abroad."

The 23-year-old defender quickly sums up the attributes that Bader calls for the national team: "He wants us to skate a lot, move and play quickly. We'll also be cheeky and provocative." Without Craps by Red Bull Salzburg – Daniel Huber, Daniel Jakubitzka and Co. are still engaged in the Champions Hockey League – enjoying the results in Poland, not the highest priority, but also for the development process.

Up to A-WM in the coming calendar year there are three strong tournaments, a total of 16 international (almost all against A nations) and six training camps on the program. This intensive preparation will affect the cracks in addition to everyday life.

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