Saturday , October 1 2022

Federal Council candidates must be in hearings to the factions


Today, the candidates in the Bundesrat must meet the first hearings in parliamentary groups. SVP, GLP and Greens want Karin Keller-Sutter, Viola Amherd, Heidi Z & Graggen and Hans Wicki with critical questions to the teeth. Are the favorites following and can the challengers convince the factions?

Become federal council or not, that's the question. Today, the federal council candidates must meet the first hearings. The favorites Karin Keller-Sutter (54, FDP) and Viola Amherd (56, CVP) surely convince through these important hearings or are they stopping? Can challengers Hans Wicki (54, FDP) and Heidi ZGGGG (52, CVP) convince SVP, Greens or GLP and go out of their outsider positions?

The two echoes and SVP will not hold back today with critical questions and know the four candidates for the teeth. How the candidates and Wicki beat you learn in LOOK Ticker from 15 o'clock.

Will Wicki still be dangerous to the favorite?

At FDP, the constellation is clear: St Gallen Council of States Karin Keller-Sutter is a great favorite to succeed Johann Schneider-Ammann (66). Hans Wicki has not been able to go out of his rivals shadow. It is extremely unlikely that the Nidwalden Council of States will be able to tear the rudder through the hearings in the other factions. A surprise on December 5 – when the replacement choice takes place – is almost impossible.

Keller-Sutter must first attack SVP, the largest fraction under the Bundeshaus dome. Half an hour is scheduled for a hearing. After the visit to the Sünneli Party, for KKS, as Keller-Sutter is called in the Bern Politburo, things are simpler and less complicated: until kl. At 16:30 they try to convince the smaller fractions of Green and Green Liberals that they become federal advisors.

Challenger Wicki, who once again denied being an alibi candidate for the liberal competition, is allowed to warm up to Green Group first. Lastly, he must be at operating temperature. Since SVP's votes are mandatory for Wicki, he wants to have a clue about a chance against KKS. Then Wicki can rest shortly before going to GLP at 4.30pm.

Z & # 39; graggen with the partner bonus at SVP

More open is the starting position at CVP. National Council leader Viola Amherd was initially as vice group leader initially as a safe favorite for Doris Leuthard's seat (55). But the Uri government councilor Heidi ZGGGGGG, who appreciated the ticket's ticket, becomes Valais more dangerous. Although Amherd did a lot, but in the case of the federal council, it also depends heavily on the hearings.

Amherd is first GLP Group Red and answers. After half an hour it breaks to SVP at 16 o'clock and then to green – a key corner for Valaisan. Can she score points on green subjects?

Because of the environment, government and challenger Heidi ZGGGGG seems to enjoy more credit. She tries to consolidate this impression at 3.30 pm at GLP and then on green before she finally continues sympathetic hunting for SVP. Her chances are not bad: after all, her life partner was once SVP Cantonal Council (BLICK reported).

In a week, KKS, Amherd, ZGGGG and Wicki also represent the other fractions. Thereafter, the hearings take place on SP, BDP, CVP and FDP – one day before the election of the Federal Council.

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