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Fast e-bikes: VCS requires speed limits on bike paths – News: Standard


Cycling causes more and more accidents. Therefore, the Swiss Transport Club now sees a need for action. As the "Aargauer Zeitung" writes, VCS president Ruedi Blumer demands a speed limit.

Blumer says: "In particular, the big difference in speed is the problem." While fast e-bikes travel at 45 km / h, conventional bikes and slow bikes drive at 30 km / h or less.

There were 375 accidents on the Swiss bicycle road last year – about 40 percent more than four years ago. One reason is the increasing number of e-bikes. Every fifth accident collides a bicycle with another bike or e-bike.

Blumer wants the pace bikers to stay at a limit of 30 km / h or avoid the road. This is not so long, because there is a duty to use bicycle roads in Switzerland.

Bicycles miss the number

The implementation of a speed limit is not easy. Particularly the check seems almost impossible. Even if the police were to establish speed cameras, the identification of fatal would be difficult for a simple reason: the bicycles lack a number. Only a few e-bikes are equipped with signs.

For this reason, VCS currently only wishes a recommendation from Tempo 30 and the suspension of the bicycle use obligation. Blumer says: "This will give you experience and, if necessary, discuss a binding speed regulation later."

Four years ago, the federal council and parliament refused to cancel the commitment. But with the advent of e-bikes, the subject can be told. Federal Road Office (Astra) announced that a corresponding research task has already been issued.

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