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Despite SVP votes – it will hardly be enough for a federal councilor ZGGGGG – News



The clear support for Heidi Zgraggen from SVP is a performance. Urnerin has achieved this because of her uncomplicated, fully open nature combined with her economic liberal attitude and a pinch of euroscepticism. It was enough today to get the majority of the votes in the SVP group.

An "equivalent force"

The 52-year-old was a "sympathetic force," said a politician at the Urner State Council after the hearing. Had she not succeeded in scoring with SVP today, her chances of becoming federal counselors would already have disappeared. It did not happen. Respect for the nerd.

Nevertheless, Heidi ZGGGGG will have a hard time striking Valais national councilor Viola Amherd in a week. Why?

Politicians like closeness

Amherd has been politicized in the parliament for 13 years. Her council colleagues know her from the commissions, from Café Vallotton in the Federal Palace. These proximity as parliamentarians. Amherd is dossier proof, modest and authentic. You do what she says.

  • the SP will probably vote for Amherd, as she is more open to socio-political issues than the Zebra. Officially you do not want to say anything.
  • IN CVP Even the lawyer and lawyer Briger does a great job as vice-faction manager. Their work is important, because the Philippo Lombardi leader is on the way, the big lines can like and detail questions that others leave, heard from the Christian Democratic group.
  • The crucial factor will be what FDP do: Welsh voices (about a third of the fraction) are more likely to go to multilingual Amherd, some conservative voices from central Switzerland rather to the ZweiGGGGG. For a prediction, who will get more votes, it was too early, says leader Watson Beat. The hearings next week are crucial. Nevertheless, we are from the FDP fraction: We do not feel like experiments with a government council from the outside, we know too little.

Against the ZGGGGG, at the moment, the lobby of Urnerin in Parliament is still not noticeable. Politicians say it from left to right. And it would be crucial if ZGGGGG really wants to make Viola Amherd really dangerous. What is not yet, can still come. But it would have to come fast.

To count all these factors together, outsider Heidi ZGGGGG may not win the Vice Presidential candidate Bundesliga on December 5 against Viola Amherd, despite having done well today with the largest group SVP.

Christoph Nufer

Christoph Nufer

Head of the Bundeshaus Redaction, SRF

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Christoph Nufer has been Head of the Federal Television SRF since 2016. Prior to that he was stationed as EU correspondent in Brussels.

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