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"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare": The Shooter Highlight of the Year?

Even single-player players got their joy during the new Call of Duty.

Picture: Activision

The "Modern Warfare" series reports seven years back at last. Realism, bombastic looks and an overworked multiplayer mode are intended to revive the series. Whether this is yellow or just a shot in the blue, is our experience in our review.

I move with my comrades in absolute darkness through a forest somewhere in the border with Russia. Absolute Silence. Only our own steps on the forest floor can be heard. My troop moved cautiously through the thicket until we suddenly encountered two patrolling guards. The silence was interrupted by two sound-dampened shots from the noise of both watches as they patted the floor.

Repeat absolute silence. Our group moves forward to a vantage point. A well-lit factory shines beneath the nightly starry sky directly behind the curtain. "Prepare for air," it crashes through my radio. Mittels Laser passes through the Pilots the Soul. "At your command," replies Dieser. Air blow in 3… 2… 1… a jet thunders over our purchases and puts a blanket of fire and smoke over the factory and spells a wonderful color play in red and yellow on the surrounding forest.

My group goes down the slope, both in burning towers, which crash into a lake of smoke and destruction. "Wow" I think, until suddenly a flame-standing soldier is lifted out of the smoke and falls to our feet. "Redeem them from your suffering," the comrade cries out next to us, and gives a winding, chilled soldier a gunshot. I am still fascinated by this scene of fire and smoke with all the light effects but somehow shaken by the cruelty.


After giving up Call Single Duty Black Ops 4 completely on a single player campaign, fans of the solo experience in "Modern Warfare" will be back at full cost. In the good eighth campaign, the stories surrounding the terrorist attack on London and the hunt for the terrorists are viewed by three of the four main characters: SAS Sargeant Kyle Garrick, CIA Officer "Alex" and Rebel Commander Farah Karim.

In doing so, the Mission is prepared and staged in the usual "Call of Duty" manner of Hollywood travel. None of the performances also work at all but boring or artificial places and offer different gameplay. So, as a part of a SAS command, you have to storm a house in London and move tactically through one of the corridors, another time you give the rebels out of safe removal coverage with a security guard. One of my favorite levels was a clue to the legendary "All Ghillied Up" mission from "Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare", in which, as a duo through Chernobyl, he simply executed an assault. This mission has already reached the cultural scene in the gaming world and receives a beautiful homage here.

One criticism in the last very good single player experience is the depiction of Gut and Böse, in which the war was rightly unequivocally made and the Russians did not go away without good. In the game, the Russians were even credited with war crimes, which in reality were started by US armed forces. Here one would have to dare to be calm and have the war realistically on both sides, US company or here.


What would be "Call of Duty" without its multi-player mode? This year some changes have been made to make the fights more realistic. It gives no double jumps or wall runs, more realism and fewer points of life. Feeling like nobody else calls "Call of Duty" faster than Zeitliche as in "Modern Warfare". This gives the game more pace, as the fights are shorter and more intense. Because of this, quick reflexes and good target water are a must to exist on the virtual battlefields.

To make it easier for the less gifted players, the developers still have their own design maps designed specifically so that untrained players have a better chance of hiding and waiting in places to celebrate their success. Unfortunately, the developers of Infinity Ward have yet to hit the target, because "Call of Duty Modern Warfare" has a big camper problem. It is hardly conceivable for a lot of players to be entangled in a corner somewhere, and with the scrap yard waiting for someone to move in front of their leaves.

Unfortunately, here too, the noisy noisy brains do not really work, although those in the booth were also definitely better at full sprint. These are, for the most part, balancing issues and could be further improved by means of Patch, which Infinity Ward has already expressed and promised improvement.

New in this year, too, the so-called "ground war", large 32-by-32 battles with vehicles and huge maps, on which it applies, collect points and hold. This mode is best known from the "Battlefield" titles, where they work better on some than with "Call of Duty". It simply needs some time here. Nevertheless, the new mode is a nice success and adds to the game's appearance.

Graphics and technology

Whether campaign or multiplayer, "Call of Duty" looks simple this year. Was Infinity Ward spell on screen, looking like a shooter genre and is part of a true eye-catcher. These levels all look well designed, with high-resolution textures and wonderful light effects. Available with the necessary hardware, it can activate Raytracing on the PC and obtains the most existing shooter of the time.

During my many hours in multiplayer, even in the campaign, there was hardly any bugs or crashes. Infinity Ward has been rolling out patchy patches since the release and even smaller bugs are quickly recovering. Really nergy were some of the campaign cutscenes, which during my tests were stocked from inexperienced land and partly with 3-4 frames per second.


You have decided on "Modern Warfare", to integrate no loot boxes and no Season Pass and delivers new content completely free of charge. The Ingame Shop is currently restricting itself to a cosmetics package, which will redeem a foundation for war veterans. I trust Infinity Ward and Activision that it will stay that way in the future and not be added to "Black Ops 4" microtransactions later.

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