Sunday , October 2 2022

Boy George about getting old, happiness, sadness and fame


Scandals run their lives. After almost 20 years, Boy George (57) returns with his old band Culture Club. Today he does not care too much about what others like him.

He is one of the most dazzling stars of pop history: Boy George, 57, polarized the world with its look in the 80's. Now the singer is celebrating a comeback with his old band Culture Club. He is glad not to be 20 again, he confesses on the phone.

LOOK: How were you like a child?
Boy George: A pretty nuisance. I rebel against everything and everyone.

Are you still doing today?
No, I had enough drama in life. I have become much more adapted. Those who want to continue through the wall at 57 years have not understood anything.

At her peak she knew it all The world …
That was right, I was a global trauma (laughing).

Many loved me, as many hated me. That time was extreme for my psyche. I was so confused and confused. Hard to imagine how I could cross a street without running over.

How did you change the fame?
Success manipulates how you perceive the world. You start to believe what you hear and read about yourself. It's dangerous. Fame is like a rush. If he fizzles you stand there and understand nothing more. It was a long time before I could see clearly.

Are there moments when you're tired of being Boy George?
Oh yes, every day! I'm the typical twin: Being volatile is part of my nature. I often think my life is a nightmare. But then I look at the many ghosts out there and immediately stop complaining.

What makes you sad?
Just today I saw a video about how two guys have skipped sheep. They were so brutal, it was unbearable. Inequality against animals, but also people are suffering me deeply.

What makes you happy?
Fresh coffee. And beautiful people! But also beautiful objects and buildings. It sounds superficial, I know. But hello, I'm a man, we're pretty superficial. Seriously, consciously, beauty still sees me breathing.

Do you feel beautiful?
No, I was always in the middle between quite and ugly. So I could decide on one side or the other.

Do you want to be young again?
For heaven's sake, no! I like getting older. Self-confidence is getting stronger. Perhaps you just do not care what others think of you.

What do you think about it more? olderbe?
Clarity. The more years you have, the fewer the answers you are looking for. David Bowie once said that in the end there are only two questions left: how much time have I left? And how do I use it most sensibly?

They use them with their old bandFor the first time in almost 20 years, you are on tour again. Why?
Over the last decade I have been mostly DJing. But it started to cure me. I longed for fellowship again. It's more compelling to make music collective than pushing buttons in a club alone.

What do you regret?
Very. But it is okay. What you regret has shown you where the boundaries are. As you know, I've done some borderline experiences.

They were for years drug addiction …
It is far away. Fortunately!

And the alcohol?
I'm more forgiving. A little fun must still be. Nevertheless, I was never a child of sadness.

What are you proud of?
Never to have been ruthless. I can look in the mirror every morning with a good conscience. Although what I see sometimes causes me anxiety.

Because the guy in the mirror does not usually look like Boy George. So I'm going to work as fast as possible! (Laughing)

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