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Beatrice Egli sexy: THIS domina outfit divides her fans


Normally Beatrice Egli shows quite a chaste.
Picture: dpa

Schlagerstar usually shows up Beatrice Egli in comparison with colleagues like Vanessa Mai pretty chaste. But on her Wohlfühlgarantie, the 30-year-old learns from leather and in the most sensible sense of the word.

Beatrice Egli in a skin-tight kitten with a mega neckline

At Instagram, the Swiss born shared a photo of her stage equipment from Trier. She had a black and red skin-tight leather kitsuit with mesh insert and studs. But especially striking: the extremely deep throat. He reveals the view of the cleavage. What a sight! Because the fans are very weak.

You can not see the Instagram photo? Then along here.

"Hammer outfit dear" writes a fan of Beatrice Egli under the picture. "Which curves" promises another enthusiastic. "Outfit is a real hit, which gives your big character," says another fan.

Domina, Hooker and Co.! Pop star insulted by fans

"Hmm .. I think it's not you but if you're comfortable with it and it's fine," says a fan diplomatically. "Do not mind, I think …" is another sure. Others become more direct: "I would not dress so free", "from the pop star to the puff …?" or "Go something against DOMINA! SORRY!", others are writing to the image of Beatrice Egli.

In the column of comments, the fans also make comparisons with Vanessa Mai, who recently created a sense of her fans and critics, especially with her extremely revealing images at Instagram. "Terrible …. Does not suit you … I always thought beatrice is always wearing good &" normal "Not as cheap as in May," says a fan. Another gets it but in a nutshell: "Wow, you're still prussian than the Americans." Beatrice may show some skin without being called a hooker. "What the hell are you?"

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