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Back to the roots of «Auto Züri»


The signs are changing when it comes to auto showers. Of these, the current 32nd Car Zürich car show is not ruled out.

Herbie Schmidt

For the pre-opening in the evening before the public days, 5000 invited guests arrived. (Picture: PD)

For the pre-opening in the evening before the public days, 5000 invited guests arrived. (Picture: PD)

Yesterday, the traditional autumn auto show, the Auto Zürich Car Show, opened its doors in the hall of the Oerlikon Messe Zürich for the 32nd time. Again, approximately 225 exhibitors will rent in seven halls with new vehicles from 42 car brands, service providers and tuning agents from the mobility world to attract as many visitors as possible until Sunday evening. As expected in the past fifteen years, around 60,000 guests, but it can be difficult for the big car show this time to achieve this goal.

On the new car, including this time 27 Swiss premiers and with the VW T-Cross a European premiere, it should not be. In addition, almost all doors of the cars can be opened here, which can usually be exercised, exercised and purchased. The mix of entertainment around the car and motorsport, there's hardly anything to complain about this year. The noise level of the regular running Formula 1 engines in the Alfa Romeo Sauber Team and a 10,000 hp drag, as well as the electric twist of the second racing focus, Formula E and Formula Student, are likely to create a special contrast.

Z for the future

The fact that Auto Zürich's car exhibition believes it has recognized the signs of the times can be seen in the focus on the mobility of the future. In addition to the internal combustion engine, hybrid and natural gas stations and fuel cells are present, and almost every exhibitor has at least one electric car in the beginning. The fact that e-Mobility can be sexy is just about emphasizing Formula E, and the new addition to the Board of Auto Zurich, Julius Baer's Sponsorship Manager and Formula E Expert Marco Parroni should give a new impetus here. According to the organizer, he should drive the transition from the classic car show to an event about digital and electrified mobility.

Z as Zeitgeist

The third year-old Euronics, which water down the car sales for home entertainment systems, still seems to be out of the picture. What home video and audio systems are related to the car, not available to all visitors. The fact that you can move your multimedia consumption almost seamlessly from home to the car today is something you can only guess. In general, however, it can be seen as a sign of the zeitgeist that car and home are increasingly merged. At any time, all the entertainment you're releasing – and enjoying.

It is still striking that the bridge to CES Las Vegas and future-oriented car technology with artificial intelligence planned with the Electronics 5th exhibition in Hall 5 still does not seem to be successful. Under the exhibition title "New Auto World" there are only two companies in the list of exhibitors, including the former Formula Student.

Car Zurich Car Show 2018

Even else, some signs of frowning at 32nd Auto Zurich. In previous years there was always a message in the performance of the exhibition that the exhibition space was designated last square meter, there is no sign of it in the prior communication. Previously, the smallest nichees were rented in front of cargo lifts and stairs as floor surfaces. This time, it is a well-managed order – a performance, due to the exhibitors represented each year, the exhibition of the Auto Zürich car show 2018 is missing a few important. For example, Daimler Switzerland has decided not to make appearance with the Mercedes and Smart brands this time. It was decided with the relevant dealers, not to be represented this year. "On the one hand, with the Geneva Motor Show, we already have a big fair in Switzerland where we can introduce our new products both nationally and internationally," explains Patrick Bossart, communications manager at Mercedes-Benz Switzerland AG. "On the other hand, we want to focus more and more on platforms that open up closer dialogue with our customers and new target groups."

Even BMW and Mini are among the great absences. Communications Manager Oliver Peter, however, attaches importance to an important differentiation: "Regional and national trade shows primarily affect the surrounding trading companies. For this reason, the decision was taken to participate. The BMW and Mini will not appear in Auto Zurich, therefore, were not determined by BMW- Switzerland, without the local trade association.

This reveals a new trend on the Auto Zürich Car Show: back to the roots, as the autumn fair was originally a pure sales show of Zurich's car dealers. Just over the last decade, more and more car importers bothered and took the teeth – and the money – in planning the exhibition space in their hand. More and more brand importers move away from it, concentrating instead on other events and leaving the field to local dealers, "said Volvo. Whether the Geneva Motor Show will benefit from this move from Zurich it is doubtful. There may be more custom events that can not be summarized during a big show.

Z likes decay

For example, the large tire manufacturers, who were among the regular cast among the exhibitors at the Zurich car show, are likely to see it. Neither Yokohama nor Continental or Pirelli is still in Zurich. As a result, a total of 30,000 square meters of exhibition space will be built in seven halls. In hall 6, the combined supplementary exhibition "" will find shelter and is now better integrated than before, for example, in places 9.1 and 9.2, or in an extra tent in front of the exhibition building. In Geneva, there had been a stepmother existence in Hall 7, with exhibitors from car parts, workshop and gas station, vehicle washing, software, accessories and tuning. It is now an integral part of the overall concept in Zurich, as well as the Swiss professional championship in the automotive industry. A skilled move, but he may wonder if it decreased compared to previous years' total range, may be doubtful.

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