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20 minutes – these are the most popular smartphones in Switzerland


Swiss phones and surfers preferably with an iPhone or a smartphone from Samsung. Four out of five users either have a device from the Apple Group or the South Koreans. However, Samsung has lost its market share in this country. This is the result of a representative survey of Comparisons comparisons.


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The number one of the most popular phones this year is still iPhone. Apple could even expand its position in Switzerland by 3 percentage points to 44 percent. Samsung had to release sources. Market share dropped from 39 to 36 percent.

Comeback by Nokia

A comeback celebrates the veteran Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer occupies fourth with 3 percent and takes over Sony. The proportion of the Japanese group was halved from 4 to 2 percent (now rank 5). 3rd place goes to Huawei. In Switzerland, however, the Chinese only reach a market share of 8 percent.

Overall, Android is the most popular operating system in Switzerland. While Apple's iOS is only installed on iPhone, almost all other smartphones are based on Android. 56 percent now use an Android device, which is 2 percent more than last year.

Apple's devices are the most widely used. One of ten mobile phone owners has an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Not represented in the top 10 is the current Android flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 and the newer note models. "At Apple, consumers have always been used to expensive device prices. However, Android users expect lower prices. The new, more expensive Samsung smartphones obviously do not meet these expectations," explains Jean-Claude Frick, Digital Expert at Comparis.

What other models the Swiss uses most, see the photo gallery

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Not far in use

However, the device is not used for a long time. One third of users switch to another model in less than one year, more than two fifths after one to two years. Only one fifth uses the phone for at least three years.

But what about the old devices? According to Comparis, one third of respondents have dumped their mobile phones at home. Almost half of the 18- and 35-year-olds do so. It is not recommended, according to Frick. "Smartphone production requires a high proportion of rare raw materials. Therefore, you should definitely discard old cell phones properly or continue to use and do not allow it to dust in the box.

Frick therefore recommends transmitting the mobile phones to the supplier or manufacturer. It pays economically: Apple or Samsung refund a certain price on the returned cell phone when purchasing a new device.


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