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20 minutes – The Widget of Malle-Jens breaks her silence


On Saturday, November 17, "Malle" died at Jens at the age of 49 from lung cancer. On Friday, the family and friends took a private funeral in Majorca from the pop singer and the television star – now, widow Daniela (40) gave longer interviews for the first time.


How often do you watch "Goodbye Deutschland", the show that made Malle-Jens famous?

"I do not currently know how to do something and how I should do without him," said the German opposite RTL: "I miss my soul mate, to which I can boil in the evening, telling me that he loves me like me is. "He would miss his laugh and the smell of his hair.

"Do not know how we can ever handle the loss"

That's why she always smells like the pillow lying on the bed until he died, according to Daniela in the Vox program Prominent! "Then I open my eyes and realize he's not there. I do not sleep at night, I hardly eat, I'm just working."

"We do not know exactly how we can handle this loss," she honestly acknowledges in a video announcement for RTL. Daniela Büchner refers in particular to "we" and the two twins together, two-year-old Jenna Soraya and Diego Armani, as well as the three children she took to marriage and who also lost her father in 2009.

"My mother's heart bleeds when I see how the children are suffering," she says RTL, "they saw him as a father figure."

In a letter published on Jens Büchner's best friend and Ballermann colleague Marion "crumbs" Pfaff (45) said goodbye to him. (Video: Glomex / Tamedia)

"I miss my husband endlessly"

At the moment she is afraid she will never be happy again. In particular, she needs a lot of time and rest for herself and her children "to understand what has happened in recent days and weeks".

The video image ends with the words: "At some point we will see each other again. And I only know one thing, I miss my husband endlessly."

On Monday, the 40-year-old announced that she would not move to the RTL jungle camp as planned in January. Your participation in "I'm a Star – Get Here!" Expected to be deferred until 2020.

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