Wednesday , September 28 2022

20 minutes – the drama school lists Küblböck as an exam


On November 30, Daniel Küblböck completed his education at the European Theater Institute (ETI) in Berlin. But it did not happen. Since early September, there is no missing track from the previous DSDS singer. He crashed off the coast of Newfoundland from a cruise ship.

On her website, the EIT recalls her former student. He is listed as a degree from 2018. The image says: "We miss our student Daniel Kaiser-Küblböck, who completed his education at the ETI Berlin on November 30, 2018."

"Of course, to include him in the gallery"

Each additional degree was described with a profile. Robert Mau, the main character of the school, said to the "picture" (article is chargeable): "Daniel belongs to this class and to our school. On November 30, unless this horrible accident had happened, he would have obtained his diploma and that is why as it is natural for us to include him in the candidates gallery. "

In school, Küblböck did not always go smoothly. There were disagreements. According to rumors, the 33-year-old was bullied by his classmates. Mau disputes these statements: "Daniel was aggressive and unreliable. Several times I advised him to take a therapy, but he blocked."


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